Apple REIT Six


As the exclusive underwriter for Apple REIT Six, David Lerner Associates' clients invested $1 billion in the program. Apple REIT Six consisted of 68 extended-stay, full service and select-service hotels in 18 states.

  • In May 2013, Apple REIT Six merged with and into BRE Select Hotels Corp., an affiliate of Blackstone Real Estate Partners VII, L.P. In the merger, each unit of Apple REIT Six received $9.20 in cash and one share of 7% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock of BRE Select Hotels with an initial liquidation preference of $1.90 per share.*

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*Source: Page S-22, Supplement No.13, dated May 23, 2013 to Prospectus, dated May 2, 2012, Apple REIT Ten, Inc.




The initial liquidation preference of$1.90 per share is subject to downward adjustment should net costs andpayments related to certain legacymatters exceed $3.5 million. For purposes of the information on this slide,$1.90 per share was used for theamount of distribution received from the issuance of Preferred Stock.