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Small Business Hit Hard by the Pandemic

28 Dec 2020 -

Since the coronavirus showed up on the scene earlier this year things have become quite serious for many small business owners.

Planning Can Improve Your Financial Future

18 Jan 2021 -

Regardless of who holds the office of president there are things we can do. How we handle our personal finances will be more of a guarantee for financial stability in the future. 

Holiday Spending 2020

19 Nov 2020 -

This year, the holidays will most likely look a little different that most other years.  We will find a way to celebrate the holidays — just in smaller groups, most likely.  

Family and Financial Planning

2 Jan 2021 -

Stresses on the family core can come in many forms, but money, as it turns out, can be one of the largest factors of all.

Best States to Retire in 2020

30 Dec 2020 -

The arrival of the coronavirus in the U.S. added several factors to consider if you are thinking about where you are going to retire. 

Overcoming the American Savings Deficit

3 Dec 2020 -

If you were hit with an unexpected cost of $500 to $1000, would you be able to take care of it without using credit cards or using only your savings?

The Retirement Gender Gap

30 Nov 2020 -

While great strides have been made — and are still being made — toward gender equality, how does this translate into retirement planning?

Stimulus and Social Security

24 Nov 2020 -

The economic uncertainty we all faced this year has made many folks worry about their finances, and they’re searching for ways to improve their income. 

Ending the Year with Financial Stability

19 Nov 2020 -

Taking control of your financial affairs and understanding them completely is the best way to move forward into the New Year.

The Housing Crisis for Boomers

17 Nov 2020 -

Over the next 20 years the number of all U.S. households age 65 and over, will jump a huge amount, from 26 percent in 2018 to 34 percent in 2038.

Strategies for Smart Investing

12 Nov 2020 -

Building a healthy investment portfolio requires some smart strategies and an investment mindset. It also requires financial literacy.

The Next Global Recession

10 Nov 2020 -

During the height of Covid quarantines, Bloomberg Economics announced that the chance of a recession stands at 10D percent

College Disruption Continues

5 Nov 2020 -

As 2020 moves into its final chapter, a growing number of colleges have taken the decision to delay their start times.

Kids Move Home Due to Covid

3 Nov 2020 -

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc on the economy and has had many trickle-down effects, like kids moving back in with their parents.

Corona Holiday Season

20 Oct 2020 -

The end of 2020 promises to be a unique experience and online shopping will be at the forefront of the conversation this holiday season. 

Millennials, Boomers, and Gen Z in 2020

15 Oct 2020 -

A recent study highlighted just how differently Millennials. Gen-Z and Boomers are dealing with COVID-19 challenges. 

Fear in Retirement

13 Oct 2020 -

Retirement should be something to look forward to but the stark reality is that this is not tenable for a number of Americans.


Saving on Healthcare in Retirement

8 Oct 2020 -

A senior couple could need as much as $320,000  for out-of-pocket costs for healthcare during their retirement years.

Key Debts to Pay Off

6 Oct 2020 -

The total consumer debt in the U.S. is at $14.1 trillion, with Americans carrying an average personal debt of $90,460

Is College a Good Idea or an Unnecessary Risk?

1 Oct 2020 -

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on young folks, and high school graduates are rethinking their plans for higher education.

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