David Lerner Associates News

15th Annual Westchester Fall Home Show

2 Nov 2019 -

We'll be at the Home Show at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.


New Egypt Fall Fest

26 Oct 2019 -

Look for our booth at the Fall Fest on Main Street in New Egypt, New Jersey.


40th Annual Connecticut Fall Home Show

25 Oct 2019 -

Join us at the Home Show at the Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut.


College Textbook Trends - Go Digital

16 Oct 2019 -

With the way technology is going, it doesn’t seem like you will need a real hardcover textbook for much longer. It makes far more sense to use a digital copy

Invest in Your Future

14 Oct 2019 -

With all the focus on how little Americans are saving for retirement, this may sound counterintuitive. However, saving alone won’t get you to your goal.

Some College Degrees Have a Higher Return than Others

9 Oct 2019 -

College graduates earn $1 million more in salaries over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. Some schools are considered better than others based on several factors.


Social Security Changes in 2019

7 Oct 2019 -

There have been some changes to Social Security, and there will be more over the next few years. People saw a rise in the amount they receive each month 

Taxes Could Ruin Your Retirement

3 Oct 2019 -

There is one more important thing to consider when it comes to retirement preparations which may unhinge your plans — and that thing is taxes. 

Young Adults and Their Debt

2 Oct 2019 -

The average young adult's student loan is $29,800. One aspect to consider is that college loans often place a burden of debt on the graduate, which will be carried long into the future

Why You Should Know Your Net Worth

27 Sep 2019 -

Do you know what your net worth is off the top of your head? It's an important thing to know — even if the number is a much-needed reality check. 

The Biggest Mistakes in Planning for Retirement

24 Sep 2019 -

the biggest question should be this one: How can I avoid making financial mistakes that will greatly affect my retirement years?

The 36th Annual Oyster Festival

19 Oct 2019 -

Join us at the Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay, New York.


Wellington Fall Festival

19 Oct 2019 -

We'll be at the festival in Wellington, Florida.


Long Island Fall Festival

11 Oct 2019 -

Join us for the festival at Heckscher Park in Huntington, New York.


17th Annual Ferry Festa

5 Oct 2019 -

Look for us in downtown Dobbs Ferry.


9th Annual San Gennaro Feast of the Hamptons

28 Sep 2019 -

We'll be at the feast in Hampton Bays, New York.


Biz to Biz Fall Business Trade Expo

25 Sep 2019 -

Join us at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderale, FL.


2019 Fall Connecticut Better Home Show

21 Sep 2019 -

Look for us at the Home Show at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


What is the Financial Future of Millennials

16 Sep 2019 -

Millennials are delaying marriage and homeownership and parenting for longer than any previous generation. 

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