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How Much Does College Cost?

8 Aug 2018 -

Studies show that the lifetime earnings for college graduates are most definitely higher than the amount earned by non-graduates.

Budgeting: Men vs. Women

6 Aug 2018 -

It’s very interesting to see how men and women in America are budgeting and living across the gender gap.

Financial Wellness Strategies for the Whole Family

4 Jan 2019 -

According to a recent survey, Americans' financial regrets center on decisions which most affect the family's financial wellness

Timing is Everything When it Comes to Social Security

1 Aug 2018 -

Retirees and future retirees depend on income from Social Security to help provide a financially comfortable lifestyle. when you decide to take it makes all the difference

Financial Independence

3 Jul 2018 -

There are many ways to reach financial independence, and it’s not just for the wealthy. Here are some good habits that can make financial independence a part of your future:

Single Women in Small Business

30 Jul 2018 -

It's Single Working Women's Week. While the earnings gender gap is an ongoing conversation, many women have ditched their 9 – 5 job in favor of starting a business. 

David Lerner Associates Announces 9th Annual Charity Car Show

26 Jul 2018 -

David Lerner Associates Charity Car Show raised money to support the  Nassau-Suffolk Chapter of the Autism Society of America’s efforts to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum

Debt and Death

25 Jul 2018 -

The average life expectancy for women is 81 years compared to 73 years for men, so it's more likely a woman will deal with financial issues after the loss of a spouse.

Summer Budgeting Tips

23 Jul 2018 -

There are a few simple ways to make sure that you enjoy the wonderful warm months secure in the knowledge that you are not overspending

Why Women Need Life Insurance

20 Jul 2018 -

For more than half of women polled the thought of running out of money in retirement is their biggest fear, other than losing a spouse

Financial Planning for Small Business

18 Jul 2018 -

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there for the aspiring entrepreneur. Hopefully, these financial planning tips will help you navigate the journey of self-employment:

Simplifying Your Finances

16 Jul 2018 -

Feeling overwhelmed by how complex dealing with finances seems? This can result in a lack of key activity for your financial wellness in the future

Age and the Financial Gender Gap

14 Jul 2018 -

While younger women are getting more financially literate, some of the older generation, especially Boomers, are not as confident with their finances as they should be.

Retirement with Your Partner

13 Jul 2018 -

Make sure that you're able to retire comfortably with your partner, spend time doing the things that make you happy and not have to count every penny.

Smart Money Habits of Millennials

12 Jul 2018 -

Studies suggest that even with greater financial burdens from economic uncertainty and student loans, Millennials lag behind in basic financial education

David Lerner Associates Announces 9th Annual Charity Car Show

10 Jul 2018 -

All proceeds from the car show will be donated directly to the Nassau-Suffolk Chapter of the Autism Society of America to assist Long Island families affected by autism

The Financial Education of Millennials

9 Jul 2018 -

Modern life has brought new challenges, and Millennials are feeling some of those challenges more keenly than others

Marriage: A Real Investment

7 Jul 2018 -

78% of American women who may be open to looking for a spouse, feel that having a partner with a steady job would be very important to them

Summer Savings

5 Jul 2018 -

Summer is a good time to take stock of your “financial home” and make some smart moves that could save money.

What is Financial Literacy?

4 Jul 2018 -

If you're not sure what financial literacy is, you're not alone. Many Americans are unable to define what it is

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