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The Financial Literacy Gap

1 Apr 2019 -

Financial Literacy is an issue in our country. It’s no secret that improving your financial education will increase your ability to manage your money well. 

Tax Season is Here Again

29 Mar 2019 -

This year the IRS started processing taxes in January after a temporary measure halted the government shutdown. This tax season will be the first full one after the landmark tax reform law passed in late 2017.

Making the Best Income Investing Choices

27 Mar 2019 -

.laying the investing game is a volatile and fluid activity, even in the best of times. We all want more stable finances -.what is now being referred to as “Financial Wellness.”

Improving America’s Personal Finances

25 Mar 2019 -

Whether you're playing catch up on retirement savings, working to eliminate debt, or building wealth, it pays to be financially savvy and to have your personal finances in order

3 Things You Should Know About a 401(k)

22 Mar 2019 -

Saving for your retirement is one sure-fire way to keep your mind at ease when the time comes to pack up at the office and head home from your last day of work.

Enhanced Financial Counseling for Young Adults

20 Mar 2019 -

Recently, Congress voted on a bill that would improve financial counseling for student borrowers — online or in-person sessions for any student with a federal loan or a grant. 

4 Tips for Success in 2019

18 Mar 2019 -

If you want success, you have to be able to define exactly what you’re aiming for, or you’ll never know if you have achieved your goals. So what constitutes success and how do you measure it? 

Taxes and Your Future

15 Mar 2019 -

Knowing what taxes you have to pay affects your financial future. The recently approved Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has some significant reforms and these include changes for retirees

Do You Need to Retire?

14 Mar 2019 -

Many people become depressed when they retire completely. Studies show that the likelihood that someone will suffer from clinical depression goes up by about 40 percent after they’ve retire

The Student Loan Trap

11 Mar 2019 -

Getting a diploma or degree from an education facility might sound amazing, but spending money you don’t have is never a good plan. 

March Madness for Your Finances

7 Mar 2019 -

It’s time for March Madness! It’s also tax season. By now you should have all your tax documents collected and ready to go.

Best Places to Retire 2019

6 Mar 2019 -

A lot of retirees have been moving out of state to get the benefit of low or no state taxes, as well as improve their way of life.


Retirement Planning for Couples

4 Mar 2019 -

54% of women expect their partner will be an important source of retirement income, while 36% rely on their partner as a backup plan in case they can’t work anymore.

Financial Literacy and Your Retirement

1 Mar 2019 -

According to a recent study, the ability to answer basic financial literacy questions wanes as age increases. A lack of financial literacy opens the door to abuse from those looking to target the elderly.

Telecommuters are the Wave of the Future

27 Feb 2019 -

The advances in technology are so fast that it’s changing the world we live in and the way we do business. It’s also creating opportunities to live in a completely different way.

3 Remote Work Trends that Will Dominate 2019

25 Feb 2019 -

Working remotely is becoming an accepted part of the normal workplace. Technology has changed much of what we do, and there are a few trends that we will see in the next year.

Using the Gig Economy to Fund Your Retirement

20 Feb 2019 -

66 percent of Americans are fairly certain they will outlive their savings. If that were to happen to you, what would you do? 

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur in 2019

18 Feb 2019 -

There are new technologies impacting business in 2019 and the path to success as an entrepreneur is to embrace the ones that make sense for your venture.

3 Secrets to a Better Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2019 -

Valentine’s Day is about treating your significant other and showing your love. Valentine's Day spending will be almost $20 billion in 2019. The average American will spend close to $150. 

Money Trumps Love

13 Feb 2019 -

Valentine's Day extols the virtues of romantic love. But when it comes to picking a partner, more Americans choose money over love.

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