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Marriage: A Real Investment

23 May 2018 -

In the 1960s, 75% of American adults were married, whereas today we find that only half of the population in the United States are getting hitched.

The Cost of Fast Cash

18 May 2018 -

Making sure that you are financially stable is no easy task and many Americans find they don't have the funds needed in an emergency.

Smart Money Habits of Millennials

15 May 2018 -

It may come as a surprise to some, but Millennials have a unique grasp on the management of money.

27th Annual David Lerner Associates Long Island Police Appreciation Run Announced

22 May 2018 -

This annual charity event sponsored by David Lerner Associates supports Long Island police officers and their families during times of crisis.

Financial Advice for Young Couples

17 May 2018 -

Couples fight about money twice as much as they fight about sex, according to a Money Magazine survey.The American divorce rate is nearly twice what it was in 1960

Financial Literacy for Kids

14 May 2018 -

What are we teaching our kids with regard to financial habits? Or rather, what examples are we setting for them by way of our own financial behaviors?

Financial Wellness & Retirement - Older Americans Month

4 May 2018 -

May is Older Americans Month. More than half of all Americans have absolutely nothing saved for retirement and just 35% have under $1,000 or just a few hundred dollars set aside.

Saving for College

7 May 2018 -

Unless you plan ahead, it’s likely that you will be part of the majority of American families who do not have a college savings plan in place. 

Financial Advice for Young Couples

30 Apr 2018 -

You’ve taken a giant leap into adulthood, and the journey is only really beginning. It would be a very smart thing to do to get on the same page with your finances.

Why is Financial Literacy So Important?

23 Apr 2018 -

April is Financial Literacy Month, dedicated to increasing awareness of the need to support financial education programs and to helping educate the public on financial basics.

Financial Aid and Financial Literacy

18 Apr 2018 -

Whether you're a student  looking to obtain some financial aid or you're older and wiser, you should still be financially literate

Student Debt Strangling Success

9 Apr 2018 -

The younger folks that are entering adulthood need to be one step ahead if they want to succeed in today’s modern America.

Financial Literacy and Debt in America

4 Apr 2018 -

Financial literacy is an incredibly important part of modern life It's a technological world with new currencies like Bitcoin. Internet banking and credit cards are considered a normal part of life.



28 Mar 2018 -

There are many unknown factors when it comes to saving for your retirement. It can be a guessing game, especially when you don’t have the knowledgeable guidance of a financial professional.

The American Savings Crisis

26 Mar 2018 -

The situation is dire when one looks at the statistics: since the 1970s, our personal savings rate has fallen from 12% to just 3% today.

Increasing Financial Literacy

2 Apr 2018 -

If you were to take a basic financial literacy test, do you know how well you would score?

What is Your Retirement Number?

27 Mar 2018 -

When it comes to calculating how much money you'll need for retirement, numbers can be tricky, but concepts are a lot easier to manage

Retirement for Baby Boomers

26 Mar 2018 -

There are 76 million Baby Boomers in the United States, and more than 40 million of whom are already age 65 or older.  These Baby Boomers will retire at a rate of 10,000 per day for at least the next 15 years.

Americans Are Failing at Saving Money

23 Mar 2018 -

Americans are in the midst of a savings crisis. A massive 63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to withstand a $500 emergency. 


The Millennial Version of the American Dream

22 Mar 2018 -

A recent study gave some very interesting insights into the minds of these young adults, especially with regards to money and The American Dream.

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