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Saving to Achieve Financial Freedom

25 Feb 2020 -

What exactly does financial freedom mean? Simply put, a situation where you don’t have to worry about how to pay for obligations and how to achieve financial goals.

A Guide to Financial Independence

5 Jul 2019 -

As you celebrate this year, take a moment to consider your own independence, which is closely tied to your financial situation.

A Wealthy Retirement

27 Mar 2020 -

We'd all like to have a stress-free financial future, but unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for everyone. The biggest barrier is a lack of strategic preparation for Retirement Day.

Higher Education and a 529 Plan

25 Mar 2020 -

Higher education is becoming more and more unattainable for many families, especially if there is no plan in place.

Can You Afford an Emergency?

23 Mar 2020 -

For some things, you obviously can’t prepare. But you can put things in place just in case. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. 

How to Write a Perfect Business Plan

18 Mar 2020 -

A business plan is a valuable document that describes the nature of your business, provides direction, and attracts investors; a business plan is vital for the success of your organization

When to Retire

13 Mar 2020 -

All of us will, at some point in our lives, stop working, and when that happens, either we will be prepared, or we will be faced with serious difficulty.

The Debt Stress Factor

11 Mar 2020 -

72 percent of Americans are somewhat stressed about money, and studies show that 22 percent experienced “extreme” stress over their finances.


Financial Tips for Small Business Owners

9 Mar 2020 -

Being an entrepreneur can be a massive challenge and a stressful endeavor, but the rewards can be tenfold

Life Insurance

4 Mar 2020 -

Making an important decision regarding your life insurance — and which type of life insurance — might turn out to be one of the most important decisions of all.

What Millennials Can Expect When They Retire

2 Mar 2020 -

Compared to Boomers who are moving into retirement now, the first wave of Millennials who will be retiring in 2050 could be facing a much bleaker future

Top Saving Tips

29 Feb 2020 -

Giving your family the best chance at a brighter future means setting money aside so that you don’t have to worry about financial burdens or an emergency that crops up.

How Debt Impacts Saving and Your Financial Future

28 Feb 2020 -

A recent Bankrate study found that 29 percent of Americans have more credit card debt than they do emergency savings. And the problem is getting worse

Saving for Retirement

27 Feb 2020 -

Most Boomers are unprepared for retirement, even as they approach it or enter it. Amazingly, barely 1 in 10 has enough saved up.

The Savings Crisis in America

26 Feb 2020 -

It’s a sobering thought that 60 percent of Americans don’t have the savings to cover a $1000 emergency and 40 percent don’t have enough saved to cover even a $400 expense.

Student Loans or Retirement Planning? That is the Question.

21 Feb 2020 -

Do you forego your retirement benefits so that you can pay off your student loans? Or do you build a healthy 401k and manage your college debt by yourself?

Money and the Sexes

19 Feb 2020 -

An abundance of evidence exists that wealth and income disparity between men and women in America is still a real concern.

2020 by the Numbers

14 Feb 2020 -

Increases in the amount you receive from SSA, as well as new retirement saving plan limits, mean you could be better off this year than last.

The Current State of Retirement

14 Feb 2020 -

There's a sea change happening in how the American population is retiring. It’s shifted from most retiring in their sixties to a trend of working as long as possible.

Invest in Your Kids

10 Feb 2020 -

Over the next two and a half decades it is said that approximately $68 trillion in U.S. wealth is expected to change hands from older generations and be in the hands of younger folks.

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