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Retirement Strategies for Late Starters

3 Feb 2020 -

76 million Baby Boomers are just around the corner from retirement and despite statistic, the not-so-awful news is that even for late starters there is still time to get retirement savings back on track.

SALT Tax Changes

31 Jan 2020 -

There have been some changes to state and local tax laws and the average American might see the refund that they depend on drop to record lows. 

The Benefits of Financial Literacy

29 Jan 2020 -

More than half of Americans (56%) say they are only somewhat financially literate, while 15 percent say they're not financially literate at all.

Smart Financial Decisions

27 Jan 2020 -

Building a healthy investment portfolio requires some well thought out strategies and a smart investment mindset. It also requires an overall smart-money lifestyle and financial literacy.

Investment Fraud in America

24 Jan 2020 -

Older investors are a favorite target of fraudsters who focus on investments. The pursuit of seniors’ “nest eggs” is one of the fastest-growing consumer fraud issues today.

Investment in Your 40s

22 Jan 2020 -

Once you have hit the big Four-O, you really need to start seriously thinking about how much you have saved.  Before you know it, you'll be 50, and retirement will be looming fast.

Saving for College in the U.S.

13 Jan 2020 -

Although 70 percent of parents want to cover the cost of college completely, they’re only going to be able to cover 29 percent of the cost by the time their kids are ready for college.

Retirement Realities

10 Jan 2020 -

The average retirement age in America is 63, and retirement lasts about 18 years. That means that you’ll need enough money to last you until you are 81 years old.

Facts about Long-Term Care

8 Jan 2020 -

Nearly 70 percent of Americans 65 and older will require some form of long-term care. Nursing home care in a private room is now more than $100,000 a year.

Real Planning for Old Age

6 Jan 2020 -

The harsh fact is that even if you don’t want to stop working, you may have to as you age. There are a few things that must be done to provide your future self with a secure financial retirement. 

Teaching Kids Financial Literacy

30 Mar 2020 -

Making sure that your kids understand how money works is very important — it’s a life skill they'll use every day and they'll thank you for it later in life..

Has the Retirement Crisis Been Averted?

30 Dec 2019 -

81 percent of retirees described their retirement as either as good or better than their preretirement years. As far back as 1992, only 65 percent of retirees in the U.S. felt that way.

How to Eliminate Debt

26 Dec 2019 -

Debt has become part and parcel of many American’s lives and has become the norm. How do you get rid of deb, and take back control of your finances? 

Streamline Your Finances in 2020

27 Dec 2019 -

Most Americans report feeling stressed about money, at least some of the time. Here are some things that can be done to alleviate that stress and streamline your financial wellness in the coming year

New Year Resolutions for 2020

1 Jan 2020 -

2020 is upon us. Besides taking a moment to let your mind be blown by the increasing rate of passing time as we grow older, perhaps it is also time to take a look forward, and see what you can do in the next year. 

3 Trends that Could Affect Your Future

23 Dec 2019 -

There’s been a lot of disruption in the financial markets in the last few years, and many Americans are feeling troubled by the changes and uncertainties. These trends that could impact your retirement plan.

Holiday Debt

16 Dec 2019 -

Happy Holidays! Now put down that credit card — and back away slowly! The average debt incurred by Americans over the holidays has increased to over $1,000! 

Part-Time for Old Timers

16 Dec 2019 -

Working part-time after retirement age can provide extra income and give you a sense of purpose and independence. It makes sense to keep working if you don’t have a large nest egg squirreled away 

Protecting Your Savings from Inflation

13 Dec 2019 -

Saving money is a basic financial habit that makes up part of your overall financial wellness. How you save, or where you put your money, is of equal importance, because of the effects of inflation on the value of money.

Money Tips We Can Learn from Our Past Presidents

17 Feb 2020 -

The third Monday of February is set aside to celebrate Presidents’ Day. This year instead of rushing to our nearest outlet store, let’s take a look at some money wisdom we can learn from past presidents

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