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Is Retirement Obsolete?

17 Nov 2017 -

Times they are a-changing. Putting away money into a retirement annuity may not be enough anymore, and people are finding that they have to work longer than ever before.

College and Saving

15 Nov 2017 - If you are planning on sending your kids to college then you need to be thinking about the financial costs and the best ways to save for them.

Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

13 Nov 2017 - When you are planning for your retirement, you need to be aware that there are some easy mistakes to make. The following are things to avoid at all costs.

Finance and the Gender Gap

8 Nov 2017 - Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but that does not mean they should be unequal when it comes to pay or investments.Women are far from playing on an even field, and if anything, they have it far tougher.

Reverse Mortgage Could Help Your Retirement

6 Nov 2017 - Something that not everyone may immediately think of is to also to sign up for a type of loan that is typically considered a last resort option for seniors experiencing a cash shortfall in retirement.

Financial Planning Basics

3 Nov 2017 - Every year in October, National Financial Planning Month is observed. With a solid financial plan, you can set short-term and long-term goals. You can estimate the amount of money you will likely need for college, health care expenses, and your retirement.

Three Tips on Marriage and Money

30 Oct 2017 - When you get together with someone the first thing you think of is not that you will be dealing with bills and mortgage payments. Unfortunately, arguing about money seems to be the norm when it comes to relationships.

Marriage and Debt

29 Oct 2017 - Falling in love and getting married is supposed to be one of the best milestones in your life. While that may be the case, it seems that many young couples are starting out life with debt, and this is putting pressure on them in ways that are not healthy.

Financial Literacy in America

27 Oct 2017 - Everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of financial issues, as it affects our everyday lives significantly. In the United States only 57% of Americans are financially literate.

Life Insurance from a Woman is Perspective

26 Oct 2017 - Nowadays women have more financial responsibilities than ever before. In fact, more women feel they are solely responsible for household finances than men.

The Most Important Debts to Pay Off By Retirement

23 Oct 2017 - Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life, whether that means traveling around the world or staying at home to enjoy time with the grandkids. Unfortunately, far too many seniors are spending their golden years worried about their finances and debt is a big reason why.

Retirement Tips for Young Couples

20 Oct 2017 - One of the greatest things that young adults have in their favor is time, especially when it comes to retirement planning.

Reaching for Financial Success

19 Oct 2017 - While we might have a lot in common, goals and especially goals for financial success, not to mention the definition of financial success, can vary from one person to another. Here are some tips to make the journey to financial success easier on you.

Women and Retirement Planning

16 Oct 2017 - Women are wonderful. They outlive men by three to four years on average, and as a consequence, they represent the majority of older Americans. However, on average, they have fewer years of work and lower earnings.

Social Security Myths

13 Oct 2017 - Retirees and future retirees depend on, or will depend on, income from Social Security to help provide a financially comfortable lifestyle, but there is a lot of misinformation out there about the program. Here are some common Social Security myths.

The American Energy Revolution

11 Oct 2017 - America is the world is leading producer of oil and natural gas, and that is delivering major benefits to U.S. families and businesses. Major corporations and investors are pouring money into the energy industry, specifically shale production.

Women and Financial Literacy

9 Oct 2017 - According to studies, women are falling far behind men in financial literacy. Not that men are all that much more impressive either Men apparently do not know much about the topic either.

Financial Education is the Smartest Investment

8 Oct 2017 - Ignorance can be very costly, especially when it comes to your finances. Investing time and energy into financial education is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Building Wealth the Old Fashioned Way

6 Oct 2017 - Wealth is not something you just wake up to one morning. It is built and earned over time - carefully, strategically, and with deliberate purpose.

Benefits of College Savings Plans

4 Oct 2017 - Unless you are well off or on a full scholarship, finding a way to afford the cost of higher education often ends with taking out student loans. However, if you plan ahead with a college savings plan, there are many benefits.

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