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Gen X and Retirement

27 Nov 2019 -

Americans who fall into Generation X are worried about retiring. They feel they’d find it harder than other generations to retire comfortably or even be able to retire at all. 

How Taxes Can Ruin Your Retirement Plans

5 Sep 2017 - There is one more thing to consider which may throw the proverbial wrench in your retirement plans -- taxes.

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

27 Aug 2017 - Most of the time entrepreneurs have their hands so full with the stresses and details of running a business that they sometimes do not have the time or resources to plan for their own financial future.

Is it Possible to Retire Wealthy?

20 Jun 2017 - The idea of retiring a wealthy person is certainly an attractive idea. But how realistic is it?

Is it Possible to Retire Wealthy?

14 Jun 2017 - The idea of retiring a wealthy person is certainly an attractive idea. But how realistic is it?

Tips to Retire Wealthy

7 Mar 2017 - A lot of us sit back and wish for the day that we can retire a millionaire and yet so few of us have a strategic plan to do so. In fact as many as half of all households with Americans 55 and older have no retirement savings at all.

How to Make the Most of Your Retirement Planning

27 Feb 2017 - Retirement is something that we should be thinking about. Whether you work in the corporate world or are a self-employed entrepreneur or a freelancer, it does not matter. We all want to know that our latter years will be taken care of financially.

Retirement Tip for Entrepreneurs

21 Feb 2017 - Entrepreneurs and small business owners often think that their only retirement plan involves an IRA. The 401(k) was historically only used by large companies and their employees, however, it has evolved into a flexible savings vehicle for people outside of corporate America.

What Most People Do not Understand About 401(k) Plans

16 Feb 2017 - A 401(k) plan is something that not everyone has. In fact, an incredible 68% of Americans are not saving in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Make Your Retirement Planning Count

13 Dec 2016 - Most Americans who are saving for their retirement have the better part of 30 years to prepare. But the average pre-retirement Baby Boomer does not have enough savings for their retirement years, and one third of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

10 Questions for Your Retirement

28 Sep 2016 - The old fashioned idea of working for 40 years, retiring with a good pension, and a comfortable retirement is no longer the norm. For older Americans who are nearing retirement age, there are many factors to consider.

Millennials Most Common Money Mistakes

16 Aug 2016 - Although young Americans who graduated this year are better off than their older siblings, they are still feeling some effects of the Great Recession. One thing they are doing right is starting to save earlier than previous generations, but their biggest money mistakes are not saving enough and holding what they do save in cash.

Generation X and Their Retirement

6 May 2016 - People in Generation X (those in their 30s and 40s) have solid reasons to be stressed out about their financial futures. Many are saddled with debt, have not saved as much as they should have for retirement, and perhaps were underemployed during recent economic downturns.

David Lerner Associates: How to Retire Wealthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

18 Mar 2016 - If you are under 40, your most valuable asset is not youthful vigor or a full head of hair. It is time. Retirement is decades away, and contributions to a 401(k) or other retirement plan will have years to compound and grow. Even a modest contribution now will mean a lot more than a larger contribution when you are in your forties and fifties.

David Lerner Associates: 5 Ways to Simplify Your Finances in 2016

8 Jan 2016 - Better health and fitness and an improved financial situation are on most Americans minds at this time of the year. Simplifying your finances not only improves your situation, but it can also save time and relieve stress. It makes your goals easier to accomplish.

Small Business Week: Retirement Plans

16 May 2015 - If you own a small company and you have not established a retirement savings plan, Small Business Week is the perfect time to review the situation. A retirement plan can assist you and your employees save for the future.

Are You Ready to Retire?

4 May 2015 - The question is actually more complicated than it first appears because it demands consideration on two levels - emotional and financial.

In Retirement Timing is Everything

18 Apr 2015 - When it comes to transitioning into retirement timing really is everything The age at which you retire can have an enormous impact on your overall retirement income situation so you will want to make sure you have considered your decision from every angle

David Lerner Associates: Switching Professions? Take Your 401(k) and Roll It

18 Mar 2015 - Sometimes, you have no alternative - you need to use the funds. If so, try to minimize the tax impact. For example, if you have nontaxable after-tax contributions in your account, keep in mind that you can roll over just the taxable portion of your distribution and keep the nontaxable portion for yourself.

David Lerner Associates: Retirement Planning Numbers for 2015

26 Dec 2014 - Every year the IRS adjusts retirement plans and IRA limits for inflation. Many of the limits eligible for a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) have gone up for 2015. Some of the key numbers for 2015 are shown here.

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