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529 Plans and Quality Education

9 Jan 2019 -

A 529 plan just got more interesting. New laws have made it possible to use the money in a 529 plan to pay for a K-12 private school in certain states

College Saving Increases

12 Dec 2018 -

If you have children, college is one of the major expenses that lies ahead. Many families are saving as much as they can, but for some, it’s not enough.

Benefits of College Savings Plans

4 Oct 2017 - Unless you are well off or on a full scholarship, finding a way to afford the cost of higher education often ends with taking out student loans. However, if you plan ahead with a college savings plan, there are many benefits.

College Loans and Savings

11 Sep 2017 - September is College Savings Month and it would be wise to take a moment and consider the many ramifications of how one is paying for higher education.

Being Prepared for College Savings

12 Jul 2017 - Unless you plan ahead it is likely that you will be part of the majority of American families who do not have a college savings plan in place.

Why Invest in College Savings?

21 Jun 2017 - How to pay for college? And who can benefit from this investment?

College Savings Plans

31 Mar 2017 - The person most likely to benefit from a college savings plan is obviously the child who goes to college. Keeping your child out of a bottomless pit of student loans is probably the best thing you could do for their finances.

Tips for Saving for College

7 Jul 2016 - Before you know it, that sweet little baby of yours will be all grown up and graduating high school. Time flies and in the blink of an eye college preparations will be upon you. Unless you plan ahead, it is all too likely that you will be part of the majority of American families who do not have a college savings plan in place.

American Teen Views on Student Loans and College Education

2 Jun 2016 - The student loan debt level in America has skyrocketed over the last decade. Before a family commits to the burden of a student loan, perhaps they should talk to their kids - a recent survey of American teens revealed that only 11% plan to take out a student loan.

David Lerner Associates : How Grandparents Can Help Save For College

4 May 2013 - With the cost of college continuing to rise faster than the rate of inflation, getting a college degree has become increasingly difficult for many American families. Some families are turning to grandparents to help ease the college savings financial burden

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