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A Closer Look at Life Insurance

3 Sep 2017 - Life insurance has the unique quality that on a long enough timeline, every policyholder will eventually qualify for a payout.

Avoid These Retirement Planning Mistakes

28 Nov 2016 - Retirement looks different for everyone. Whether you want to finally climb that mountain you have been thinking about for years or spend the rest of your days in the warm tropical climes of a faraway beach paradise, someone is going to have to pay for it.

Avoiding Retirement Shock

20 Dec 2017 - More than half of Americans experience stress over their retirement. This is mainly because they face the uncertainty of what the future holds for them.

Baby Boomers and Retirement

18 Nov 2016 - The average pre-retirement Baby Boomer does not have enough savings for their retirement years and one third of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

Being a Financial Grown-Up

1 Nov 2016 - Financially speaking, it is time to face up to the idea that some "adulting" is required on the part of Millennials in their financial behavior.

Benefits of College Savings Plans

4 Oct 2017 - Unless you are well off or on a full scholarship, finding a way to afford the cost of higher education often ends with taking out student loans. However, if you plan ahead with a college savings plan, there are many benefits.

Boomers and Debt

11 Oct 2016 - Debt is not something to take lightly. Patterns in debt and the type of debt that an older generation is finding itself in has changed over the past few years. In fact, it seems that Boomers are more in debt than they were 13 years ago.

Boomers Saddled with Rising Debt Face a Tough Retirement

3 Oct 2016 - The patterns and type of debt amongst older Americans has changed significantly over the past few years. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average 65 year old borrower has more debt than 65 year olds had in 2003.

Building Wealth the Old Fashioned Way

6 Oct 2017 - Wealth is not something you just wake up to one morning. It is built and earned over time - carefully, strategically, and with deliberate purpose.

College and Saving

15 Nov 2017 - If you are planning on sending your kids to college then you need to be thinking about the financial costs and the best ways to save for them.

College Loans and Debt

8 Sep 2017 - September is College Savings Month. The new school year is upon us, and it is time to consider college savings, loans, and the many things that this process of paying for one is higher education entails.

College Loans and Savings

11 Sep 2017 - September is College Savings Month and it would be wise to take a moment and consider the many ramifications of how one is paying for higher education.

Cyber Security Awareness

18 Oct 2016 - October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. With more and more mature Americans getting involved in the online community, the amount of scams targeting elders is ever on the rise.

David Lerner Associates: Fraud Tips for Older Americans

23 Jan 2015 - David Lerner Associates: Fraud Hits Older Americans Hard. Now that the majority of seniors are active online, scammers are targeting them. Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to their scams.

David Lerner Associates: National Entrepreneurship Week: Millennials vs Boomers

18 Feb 2016 - As America focuses attention on entrepreneurs this week, one of the troubling statistics is the slow decline of startups. Census data and other studies show that the number of companies less than a year old had declined as a share of all businesses by nearly 44 percent since 1978. As every entrepreneur knows, starting a new business can be very challenging. It requires talent, skill, and resources.

Elderly Financial Abuse

23 May 2016 - American seniors have historically been late adopters when it comes to technology. According to a Pew Research Center almost 90% of seniors with a college degree use the internet. With more and more mature Americans getting involved in the online community, the amount of scams targeting elders is ever on the rise.

Emergency Funds, Baby Boomers and Millennials

13 Aug 2017 - Since the 2008 economic crash Americans are saving more than they have in the last 7 years. Even so, nearly a quarter of the population has no emergency savings.

Families, Stress and Money

18 Dec 2017 - Money is a significant source of stress for the majority of Americans but even more so for parents. Seventy seven percent of parents said they were stressed about money.

Finance Tips for New College Grads

4 Oct 2016 - Graduating college is a momentous life event that should be celebrated. It marks the end of a chapter, and the beginning of many new ones. It also marks the entry of many young adults into the workforce and new opportunities.

Financial Education for the Younger Generation

9 Jul 2017 - It may not come as a surprise to anyone that Millennials do not have an excellent grasp on the management on their money.

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