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Saving and Investing Tips

22 May 2023 -

Saving and investing are important aspects of achieving long-term financial security.

The Debt Ceiling and Deficit Spending

1 May 2023 -

On January 19, 2023, the outstanding debt of the U.S. government reached its statutory limit, commonly called the debt ceiling.

Saving for College Tips

31 Mar 2023 -

Saving for college is crucial if you want to ensure that your kids or you personally have access to higher education without getting into excessive student loan debt.

Teaching kids about finance

8 Mar 2023 -

Finances shouldn’t be something that you wait until you are in your twenties to learn about.

Should You Borrow Money in a Recession?

22 Feb 2023 -

When times are tough and money is tight, consumers are left searching for ways to get a bit more income.

How Much Money Should Be in Your Emergency Fund?

17 Feb 2023 - According to a 2022 Bankrate survey, more than half of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency.

Tips for Using a Credit Card Responsibly

15 Feb 2023 -

Credit cards aren’t just for shopping.

Why Personal Finance Is Important?

13 Feb 2023 -

When someone mentions personal finance, you probably think of budgeting and trying to pay off debt. But it goes beyond that.

Get Financially Healthy in 2023

17 Jan 2023 -

The start of the New Year should be a time to reevaluate your finances.

A Guide to Holiday Spending

21 Dec 2022 -

Every year, millions of Americans spend hundreds of dollars on holiday gifts and goodies. 

11 Retirement Planning Mistakes People Make in Their 20s and 30s

13 Jan 2023 -

The rate of adults ages 65+ who filed for bankruptcy more than doubled since 1991.

End-of-Year Financial Check Up

19 Dec 2022 -

You may visit your doctor once a year to make sure everything is well, but there’s something else to add to the calendar: an annual financial checkup!

College savings in America

18 Nov 2022 -

Saving for college is something that affects people all over the country and across age groups.

How to Plan a Retirement Budget

31 Oct 2022 - The cost of living plays the biggest role in how far you can stretch your retirement income.

Money Management Causes Stress and Anxiety

28 Oct 2022 -

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you need to be sure that you have control of your money, or it will soon control you.

Get Smart About Credit Day

20 Oct 2022 - National Get Smart About Credit Day on the third Thursday in October promotes learning about good credit every year. 

Work, Family, and Finances

14 Oct 2022 -

Families depend on the income from their parents for their financial survival.

Keep Tabs on Your Credit Score

12 Oct 2022 -

On October 20 this year, the National Get Smart About Credit Day will take place.

The Financial Habits of Super Savers

6 Oct 2022 -

A new study has found that the group referred to as “super-savers” is right on track with their retirement savings plans.

Financial Planning Gets You to Your Goals

5 Oct 2022 -

Every year on the first Wednesday in October, World Financial Planning Day is held to raise awareness about the importance of financial planning.

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