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3 Debts to Pay Off Before Retirement

30 Sep 2016 - Heading into your golden years one is likely to consider your financial landscape and take a look at prioritizing which debts to focus on before you retire.

3 Financial Tips for the Real World

10 Aug 2016 - There are many and varied tips available for anyone looking to educate themselves on what the "experts" recommend when it comes to financial planning. The internet abounds with such tips and advice. However, some of these things are easier said than done, especially when it comes to the workaday world and trying to keep up in an ever-more-volatile economy. Let is take a look at some of these tips, and how they can be applied to the real world.

3 Steps to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

29 Aug 2016 - When it comes to debt, it can be debated whether there is such a thing as "good" or "bad" debt. Either way, eliminating credit card debt is always a good idea. Consider these three steps for getting out of credit card debt.

A Healthy Financial Mindset

17 May 2017 - Building wealth is entirely under your own control. All it takes is smart decisions and breaking bad habits, and developing a healthy financial mindset.

A Savings Crisis in America

7 Feb 2017 - Take a look at your savings account. If you were hit with an unexpected expense of $500 or $1000, would you be able to pay it?

Americans and Financial Planning

23 Nov 2017 - Planning for your financial future should not be something that is an afterthought. Unfortunately, it seems that many American families are not taking control of the situation, and this could leave them in trouble later on in life.

Avoiding Retirement Shock

20 Dec 2017 - More than half of Americans experience stress over their retirement. This is mainly because they face the uncertainty of what the future holds for them.

Being Prepared for College Savings

12 Jul 2017 - Unless you plan ahead it is likely that you will be part of the majority of American families who do not have a college savings plan in place.

Boomers and Debt

11 Oct 2016 - Debt is not something to take lightly. Patterns in debt and the type of debt that an older generation is finding itself in has changed over the past few years. In fact, it seems that Boomers are more in debt than they were 13 years ago.

Boomers Saddled with Rising Debt Face a Tough Retirement

3 Oct 2016 - The patterns and type of debt amongst older Americans has changed significantly over the past few years. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average 65 year old borrower has more debt than 65 year olds had in 2003.

Brexit - Stay Calm and Carry On

8 Jul 2016 - Britain is vote to leave the European Union seems like it should be a strictly local affair - not something to make Americans nervous. But in fact, it may well have something to do with us.

Budgeting Tips

15 Aug 2017 - Living within your means is the surest way to not fall into a bottomless pit of debt. But that means really taking your financial life by the horns.

Building an Emergency Fund

14 May 2017 - In this uncertain economy the watchwords are, Save your money! These watchwords will come in handy should anything catastrophic happen.

Building an Emergency Fund

23 Sep 2017 - The purpose of an Emergency Fund is to improve financial security by creating a safety net of funds that can be used to meet emergency expenses as well as reduce the need to draw from high interest debt options, such as credit cards or unsecured loans.

College Loans and Debt

8 Sep 2017 - September is College Savings Month. The new school year is upon us, and it is time to consider college savings, loans, and the many things that this process of paying for one is higher education entails.

College Loans and Savings

11 Sep 2017 - September is College Savings Month and it would be wise to take a moment and consider the many ramifications of how one is paying for higher education.

Credit Card Debt on the Rise in America

23 Jun 2016 - Even though America is economy is in somewhat better condition now, studies show that credit card debt is at the highest level since 2008. Based on data from the Federal Reserve, outstanding credit card debt is set to hit $1 trillion in 2016. This indicates that consumers are reverting to pre-recession spending patterns.

Dating and Finance Mistakes

26 Jul 2017 - Summertime is here, and that typically that means a lot of people have shed their "winter weight" and are back in the dating pool.

David Lerner Associates: 5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Bottom Line in 2016

28 Dec 2015 - Many Americans are taking stock of 2015 as the end of the year approaches. According to a new study by Capital One, only 34 percent of Americans feel they accomplished some of their financial goals this year. So while we may be relieved to see the back of 2015, here are some tips that can help you improve on meeting your financial goals next year.

David Lerner Associates: Credit Traps for the Unwary

19 Feb 2015 - It is hard to imagine functioning in today is society without access to credit. However, one has to be careful not to fall victim to some of the pitfalls associated with it.

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