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The Financial Literacy Gap

1 Apr 2019 -

Financial Literacy is an issue in our country. It’s no secret that improving your financial education will increase your ability to manage your money well. 

Growth Investing vs Value Investing

30 Aug 2015 - When you invest for growth you are usually seeking capital appreciation over the long term A value investor looks for bargains and chooses investments that have low prices in relation to such factors as earnings, sales, net current assets.

David Lerner Associates: 6 Reasons to Work with a Financial Professional

26 Feb 2015 - No matter what stage of life you are in you could probably benefit from working with a financial professional. Here are six reasons why.

How is the Market Doing? Check the Dow.

27 Oct 2012 - When the conversation turns to how the market is doing, chances are people are referring to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or "the Dow" for short. The Dow tracks the performance of stock issued by 30 prominent, publicly traded U.S.-based companies and is one of the most widely reported stock market indexes in the country.

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