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Cinderella is Personal Finance Lessons

18 Jul 2016 - Although women now control 70% of consumer spending worldwide, when it comes to controlling their finances, the numbers are less encouraging. A recent study by Key Private Bank showed that even among high net worth women, household finances are still predominantly controlled by men.

David Lerner Associates: Property Ownership Issues for Married Couples

13 Aug 2015 - When you get married there are many financial issues that should be discussed and resolved. How to structure ownership of property is one such issue.

David Lerner Associates: Finances, Health, and Credit Can Affect Your Love Life

23 Feb 2016 - A recent survey by Nerdwallet showed that 60 percent of women ranked a potential partner is financial situation as important to them. Almost half (44 percent) feel that financial responsibility is more important than attractiveness in a romantic partner. This applies to men too, although the numbers differ according to age groups.

David Lerner Associates: Financial Equality in Marriage

1 Mar 2016 - Getting married is a very emotional moment. There is so much to do and organize that how you are going to deal with your finances after you are married is often not a major thought. However, once the honeymoon is over and you are settling down to everyday life, this can become one of the most contentious aspects of a marriage.

David Lerner Associates: Managing Money and Marriage

11 Dec 2014 - Planning carefully and communicating clearly with your spouse are important, because the financial decisions that you make now can have a lasting impact on your future.

David Lerner Associates: Planning for Marriage

20 Jun 2015 - If you are planning for marriage you are faced with the enormous responsibility of combining your personal finances with your spouse is and reassessing the way you and your spouse structured personal finances as unmarried individuals.

David Lerner Associates: Protect Your Family

3 Jun 2015 - One of our greatest assets is the ability to earn income. Most fathers provide for their families needs and should this ability be interrupted or taken away it could mean serious problems for the family.

David Lerner Associates: Social Security and Divorce

3 Sep 2014 - If you want to qualify for one half of your ex-spouse is Social Security benefits, there are certain requirements which must be met.

Dealing with Financial Stress

26 Sep 2017 - Debt, reduced income, children, marriage issues, and the list can go on. There are a lot of things that could cause you to experience some financial stress.

Death and Debt

24 Aug 2016 - The death of a spouse is heartbreaking and something that no one really wants to think about. Unfortunately, it is something that needs to be considered and a plan put in place to ease the major adjustment in one is life. The surviving spouse faces more than just overwhelming emotions - he or she may also face the challenge of handling a loved one is outstanding debts.

Financial Advice for Newlyweds

25 Apr 2016 - The honeymoon is over. You have taken a giant leap into adulthood, and the journey is only really beginning now. It would be a very smart thing to do to get on the same page with your finances, especially since it seems to be a source of arguments between married couples.

Handling Debts after a Spouse is Death: Who is Responsible?

30 Nov 2012 - The death of a spouse is heartbreaking. Yet the surviving spouse faces more than just overwhelming emotions-- he or she may also face the challenge of handling a loved one is outstanding debts.

How to Prevent Money from Ruining Your Marriage

29 Dec 2016 - Sharing finances with a partner comes with a lot of issues; mutual trust, respect, self-worth, etc. These are all areas that, if damaged even slightly, can lead to upset and tear the fabric of a marriage apart.

Is Divorce Derailing Your Retirement Fund?

27 Jul 2016 - Just as getting married involves financial decisions, so does divorce. Splitting up your assets is one of the main areas of concern - and this includes investments and retirement accounts. It is important for each of the partners to retain some of the retirement fund.

Money Lessons for Women

19 Dec 2016 - Gender roles in today is society have shifted dramatically from a time when little girls grew up hoping to find a good man who could take care of them financially.

Money Tips for Newlyweds

7 Jun 2016 - Wedding season is upon us. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to enjoy the tying of knots. If you are the lucky couple walking down the aisle, then congratulations. You have taken a giant leap into adulthood and the journey is only really beginning. It would be very smart to get on the same page with your finances especially since it seems to be a source of arguments between married couples.

Retirement Planning For Couples

29 Nov 2016 - Couples have some unique advantages when it comes to retirement planning. For one thing, you have someone to pool resources with, share expenses, and help inspire (or nag) one another to save more.

Retirement Saving Strategies for Married Couples

18 Feb 2014 - If you are married and plan to stay that way for the long term, it is important that your retirement savings strategies reflect this. Retirement savings strategies for married couples may differ from strategies for single individuals.

Retirement, Communication, and Marriage

12 May 2016 - Planning for a blissful retirement can be work sometimes. There are a lot of details to consider, and even more so as a married couple. And even more if there are children involved. It is not the most comfortable conversation to have with your spouse, but it certainly is important.

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