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3 Financial Tips for the Real World

10 Aug 2016 - There are many and varied tips available for anyone looking to educate themselves on what the "experts" recommend when it comes to financial planning. The internet abounds with such tips and advice. However, some of these things are easier said than done, especially when it comes to the workaday world and trying to keep up in an ever-more-volatile economy. Let is take a look at some of these tips, and how they can be applied to the real world.

3 Reasons Not to Fear Retirement

1 Jun 2016 - If you are nearing retirement age, you are not alone. Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day in America, and that number is set to stay true for the next 19 years. Many people face uncertainties and fears about their own retirement. When it should be a well-deserved rest after a lifetime of hard work, a lack of planning may result in apprehension and stress.

5 Baby Boomer Financial Behaviors and Attitudes to Watch

2 Oct 2013 - The financial behavior and attitudes of the baby boom generation is going to have a significant impact on the nation is financial picture in the coming years.

5 Steps for a Better Retirement

22 Aug 2016 - Do you worry about your retirement? According to experts, you should be worried. A Government Accountability Office analysis found that average Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 have saved only about $104,000 in retirement savings.

5 Ways to Become an Olympic Retirement Saver

7 Feb 2014 - It took many years of hard work, dedication and training for Olympic athletes to reach the pinnacle of athletic achievement.In some ways saving for retirement is similar to training to compete in the Olympic Games

5 Ways to Fix Your Retirement Fund Shortfall

14 Jun 2016 - When you hit your 40s or 50s the idea of retirement (which seemed so far off in your 20s) is suddenly right around the corner. If you have reached this age and have not been diligently socking away money for retirement, there are some things you can do to fix the problem.

A New Look at the American Dream

27 Jun 2016 - Whenever the conversation turns to financial goals and a secure future, certain ideas at the core of The American Dream pop up - save for retirement and own your own home are two of those. However, times have changed economically.

A Wealth Plan for Millennials

16 Feb 2018 -

For a highly educated generation, Millennials show surprising ineptitude in certain areas of money management.

All about Mutual Funds

13 Mar 2017 -

If you do not know about mutual funds, you might be inclined to run for the hills when you hear the term. But understanding mutual funds is essential if you have any interest in investing your money.

Americans Regret Not Having a Rainy Day Fund

3 Jun 2016 - The recent Bankrate Financial Security survey showed that most Americans have regrets about the financial decisions they have made. At the top of the list is not saving enough for retirement, but a close second is not saving for emergencies.

Are 529 Assets Subject to Medicaid Spend-down Requirements?

28 Apr 2015 - Unless future legislation exempts 529 plans from Medicaid rules it would be wiser to assume that these assets could be subject to the state is grasp.

Are We Facing a Retirement Crisis?

24 May 2013 - Is America facing a "looming catastrophe" when it comes to retirement?

Are You Ready to Retire?

4 May 2015 - The question is actually more complicated than it first appears because it demands consideration on two levels - emotional and financial.

Avoid These Retirement Planning Mistakes

28 Nov 2016 - Retirement looks different for everyone. Whether you want to finally climb that mountain you have been thinking about for years or spend the rest of your days in the warm tropical climes of a faraway beach paradise, someone is going to have to pay for it.

Avoiding Retirement Shock

20 Dec 2017 - More than half of Americans experience stress over their retirement. This is mainly because they face the uncertainty of what the future holds for them.

Baby Boomers and Retirement

18 Nov 2016 - The average pre-retirement Baby Boomer does not have enough savings for their retirement years and one third of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

Boomers and Debt

11 Oct 2016 - Debt is not something to take lightly. Patterns in debt and the type of debt that an older generation is finding itself in has changed over the past few years. In fact, it seems that Boomers are more in debt than they were 13 years ago.

Boomers Saddled with Rising Debt Face a Tough Retirement

3 Oct 2016 - The patterns and type of debt amongst older Americans has changed significantly over the past few years. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average 65 year old borrower has more debt than 65 year olds had in 2003.

Brexit - Stay Calm and Carry On

8 Jul 2016 - Britain is vote to leave the European Union seems like it should be a strictly local affair - not something to make Americans nervous. But in fact, it may well have something to do with us.

Can You Live Off Interest During Retirement?

18 Apr 2013 - When it comes to retirement planning, the goal of some people is to build up a large enough nest egg so that they can live off of the interest earned by their investments and not have to withdraw their principal during retirement.

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