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Financial Fraud and Seniors

20 Aug 2018 -

Older investors are a favorite target of con artists who focus on investment fraud. The pursuit of seniors’ “nest eggs” is one of the fastest growing consumer fraud issues today.

Financial Faux Pas in Dating

13 Aug 2018 -

Being cautious and aware of your potential partner’s financial habits will pay off in the long run, when you consider that the average cost of divorce can be as high as $30,000 - most of that being spent on legal fees.

How Much Does College Cost?

8 Aug 2018 -

Studies show that the lifetime earnings for college graduates are most definitely higher than the amount earned by non-graduates.

Financial Strategies for the Whole Family

3 Aug 2018 -

According to a recent survey, Americans financial regrets center on financial decisions which most affect the family.

David Lerner Associates Announces 9th Annual Charity Car Show

26 Jul 2018 -

David Lerner Associates Charity Car Show raised money to support the  Nassau-Suffolk Chapter of the Autism Society of America’s efforts to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum

Debt and Death

25 Jul 2018 -

The average life expectancy for women is 81 years compared to 73 years for men, so it's more likely a woman will deal with financial issues after the loss of a spouse.

Summer Budgeting Tips

23 Jul 2018 -

There are a few simple ways to make sure that you enjoy the wonderful warm months secure in the knowledge that you are not overspending

Financial Planning for Small Business

18 Jul 2018 -

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there for the aspiring entrepreneur. Hopefully, these financial planning tips will help you navigate the journey of self-employment:

Simplifying Your Finances

16 Jul 2018 -

Feeling overwhelmed by how complex dealing with finances seems? This can result in a lack of key activity for your financial wellness in the future

Smart Money Habits of Millennials

12 Jul 2018 -

Studies suggest that even with greater financial burdens from economic uncertainty and student loans, Millennials lag behind in basic financial education

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