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David Lerner Associates,inc. Announces Apple REIT Six Results

25 Aug 2011 - Apple REIT Six second quarter 2011 results filed with SEC and now available online. "These are positive results for Apple Six." said David Lerner, President and CEO of David Lerner Associates.

David Lerner Associates Hosts 2nd Annual Car Show

23 Aug 2011 - David Lerner Associates recently partnered with The Centurion Cruisers Car Club to host the Second Annual David Lerner Associates Charity Car Show.

How REITs Support the Economy

10 Aug 2011 - A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) such as an Apple REIT may offer a growth opportunity for an investor. Apple REITs seek to profit from multiple factors such as room rates and intrinsic property value appreciation. But it is also true that investment in a REIT may support the general economy in numerous ways.

Evaluating a Hotel REIT

4 Aug 2011 - Hotel REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) may offer investment opportunities for investors who are seeking long-term growth. When evaluating them, however, one must view them differently than a typical stock investment, in which one is paying careful attention to momentary rises and falls in stock price. Although there is analysis involved with picking, and earning from a particular stock, that analysis deals with a particular set of metrics that should not necessarily be applied to Hotel REITs such as Apple REITs.

Understanding the Difference Between Book Value Per Share and Market Value

15 Jul 2011 - Investors should understand the difference between the two differing methods of valuation: book value per share and market value.

Understanding Investment Risk

12 Jul 2011 - With respect to investing, the phrase caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, certainly applies.

Investors - Beware the Class Action Suit

10 Jul 2011 - Just as there are unscrupulous individuals and companies that target unaware investors, so are there law firms who solicit investors in an effort to pull together enough clients for a class action lawsuit.

Privately Traded REITs -Taking In the Longer Term View

6 Jul 2011 - Some investments encompass a longer-term view of investing - instruments that do not rise and fall in the same time-sensitive manner that stock market traders and other commodity-asset investors become accustomed to, but take a longer term view

Apple REIT Seven, Inc. Provides Outlook for 2011

2 Jul 2011 - Apple REIT Seven, Inc. (Apple Seven), a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns 51 Marriott and Hilton-branded hotels, today provided an outlook for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2011

Apple REIT Six, Inc. Provides Outlook for 2011

1 Jul 2011 - Apple REIT Six, Inc. a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns 66 Marriott and Hilton branded hotels, today announced an increase in the Company is annualized distribution rate from 7 percent to 7.2 percent as well as provided an outlook for the 12-month period ending December 31. 2011.

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