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Gigging into the future

21 Jun 2021 -

Gigging and freelance work has increased three times faster than any other part of the American workforce since 2014 

Travel Tips for the Summer

15 Jun 2021 -

Many Americans are looking  forward to the great reopening and with the summer months ahead, travel is something that may be first on the list.

Has COVID Changed Investment Strategies?

8 Jun 2021 -

Over the course of the pandemic, the stock market saw its fair share of volatility and was certainly not immune to ups and downs as a result. 

How Location Affects Wealth

1 Jun 2021 -

Wealth is about amassing assets and making your money work for you. In other words, it's having a significant net worth

Debt and the Post Covid Economy

26 May 2021 - Now that the world is slowly but surely reopening again, the nation’s largest banks are shifting their focus to increasing lending activity.

Tax Loophole 7702

24 May 2021 -

Variable life insurance tax benefits can reduce the tax that you have to pay on your 401(k) distributions once you retire. 

Home Improvement is Way Up

20 May 2021 -

COVID has had an effect on all of us. For many folks, their home has become their whole world, and renovations are on the rise. 

Plan to Eliminate Your Debt

13 May 2021 - Once the coronavirus pandemic hit, both outstanding credit card debt and credit limits from issuers dropped for the first time in many years.

Education by State

11 May 2021 -

Using a weighted index that measures the relative education level for every state shows that some states have higher education levels than others.  

Greater LI Running Club Donates to Police Family in Need

6 May 2021 -

The Greater Long Island Running Club and David Lerner Associates were able to help Police Officer Eric Dorfman and his family with a $2500 check from their joint Police Crisis Fund.

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