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Pros and Cons of Credit Cards in 2022

16 Aug 2022 -

The global pandemic had an unprecedented effect on credit card debt.

Is the U.S. Economy in a Recession?

4 Aug 2022 -

Some current indicators that suggest strength or weakness in the U.S. economy.

Retirees Heading for a New Career

2 Aug 2022 - According to a survey by the American Institute for Economic Research, some 29 million American over the age of 45 have changed careers.

Home Ownership in Retirement

29 Jul 2022 -

Homeownership is a central part of the American Dream. 

Millennials Want a Different Kind of Retirement

25 Jul 2022 -

While most Americans dream of a quieter, comfortable retirement doing not very much, Millennials have a different vision.

Savings Trends

22 Jul 2022 - Americans have been saving less and less in the past year.

Enjoying your Retirement

20 Jul 2022 -

Enjoying your retirement relies heavily on whether or not you can positively live your life and minimize any distractions.

High School Graduates College and Career Plans Disrupted

18 Jul 2022 -

Fifteen million plus young Americans are graduating high school and making plans for their future

New Generations and Financial Literacy

15 Jul 2022 - Boomers and Gen X were complaining about Millennials up until not that long ago.

Preparing for Long-Term Care

13 Jul 2022 -

Retirement should be about enjoying the years you have left without worrying about money or the ability to take care of yourself.

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