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Money, Family, and Stress

20 Nov 2019 -

Stresses on the family core can be many and varied, but money, as it turns out, can be one of the largest factors of all.



Getting Your Finances in Order

15 Nov 2019 -

Just over 40 percent of Americans say they would give themselves a perfect score when it came to managing their money, but 29 percent of them don’t handle their finances very well at all. 

Mortgage Fraud-How Seniors Can Avoid It

11 Nov 2019 -

There is a scam that combines identity theft and mortgage fraud. The FBI says house stealing is not widespread, but it's a crime they are monitoring closely.

Women at Risk

9 Nov 2019 -

Women have historically had less financial freedom than their male counterparts and the problem is, that for certain women, their retirement is at risk - and it isn’t whom you might think

Choosing a Financial Advisor

6 Nov 2019 -

Choosing a financial advisor is a big decision. Making sure that your money is in safe hands should be obvious, but how do you do that, and what do you need to avoid?

What You Can Do About Financial Fraud

4 Nov 2019 -

The best defense against investment fraud is an educated and skeptical consumer. That is why due diligence is necessary. Here are some things you can do to help protect yourself from fraud.

Planning for College Costs

30 Oct 2019 -

College costs have gone up significantly.2009 saw low-income families paying $17,404 for college while high-income families were shelling out over $34K. By 2017-2018 low-income families were paying over $28,400.


Safeguard Against Recession

28 Oct 2019 -

Research from leading economists in the United States suggests we could be headed for another recession in the near future.

Financial Planning Month

23 Oct 2019 -

October is National Financial Planning Month, an annual designation observed to raise awareness of the importance of financial planning.


College Textbook Trends - Go Digital

16 Oct 2019 -

With the way technology is going, it doesn’t seem like you will need a real hardcover textbook for much longer. It makes far more sense to use a digital copy

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