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The Semi-Retirement Option

22 Jun 2018 -

Semi-retirement might be the right move for many as they head into their golden years Only a quarter of Americans plan to completely retire.. 

Home Ownership and Millennials

20 Jun 2018 -

Millennials, as they become young adults, are embracing one of the most stable pillars of the American dream: homeownership.

Financial Tips for Graduates

19 Jun 2018 -

The end of the school year is upon us and a new generation of graduates will be preparing to enter the workplace. With a new chapter of their lives just around the corner, new financial responsibilities are a potential concern too.

Rent-Burdened American Families

14 Jun 2018 -

Demand for rental properties has increased across age and socio-economic groups since 2008 resulting in more rent-burdened families in America. 

Are Baby Boomers Ready to Retire?

11 Jun 2018 -

Boomers’ confidence in their financial situations is at its lowest since 2011. Just 43% feel that they are happy with how things are going.


Is College Worth it?

10 Jun 2018 -

At a top-level American college, the fees of attending coupled with costs associated with living easily add up to around $60,000 every year

Retirement and Marriage

8 Jun 2018 -

There's a rising trend in what is fast becoming known as “grey divorce” which describes a couple divorcing after 50.

Women in Small Business

6 Jun 2018 -

Women-owned companies are growing much faster than every other segment of new business in our economy. 

Money Shouldn’t Ruin Your Marriage

5 Jun 2018 -

Many Americans find themselves in a position where they are getting divorced because of arguments about money.

Long-Term Care: Things to Consider

3 Jun 2018 -

The older population in 2030 is projected to be twice as large as in 2000, growing from 35 million to 71.5 million

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