Retirement Planning Information

1 in 5 Older Americans Believe this Retirement Myth

6 May 2022 -

According to a Fidelity Investments survey, many older Americans subscribe to the belief that financial advisors would suggest using 10 to 15 percent of their retirement funds each year.

Retirement and Debt

25 Apr 2022 -

Retirement is something that should be enjoyed, not dreaded. As you age you find out that there are certain things that are more important than others.

Can You Live on Social Security Alone?

14 Feb 2022 -

Retiring and relaxing is not something you can do if you don’t have money.

Debts You Should Pay off Before Retirement

9 Feb 2022 - As one prepares for retirement, it would be wise to prioritize which debts to focus on before you give notice to your employer that you’ll be exiting the workforce

Working From Home in Retirement

2 Feb 2022 - Retirement seems to be harder to achieve these days for many folks in America. Saving for your later years takes time and commitment and you have to set goals.

Couples Retirement Planning

21 Jan 2022 - As a couple, you have more than yourself to think about. There are two of you entering a new phase in your lives which is an exciting and worrying time. 

Retiring in 2022

5 Jan 2022 -

There have been some positive outcomes from the pandemic - one of them is the change to doing business online instead of in-person

Remote Work and Retirement

17 Dec 2021 -

The Covid-19 global pandemic has had long-lasting and life-changing effects on the entire world, and here in the United States it has had many repercussions for folks looking towards their future with a sense of uncertainty.

Rethinking the Four Percent Rule for Retirement Withdrawals

3 Dec 2021 -

For many years retirees have been advised to take a four percent withdrawal from their retirement savings.

Middle Class Retirement Security in Peril

17 Nov 2021 -

Most Americans look forward to their retirement, but two recent studies warn that the middle-class vision of a comfortable retirement is under threat

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