Retirement Planning Information

Should You Save For Retirement or Your Kids College Education?

7 May 2014 - If faced with the choice of saving for retirement or saving for your kids college, which should you choose? While both are noble goals and usually smart financial moves, many experts say that most people should focus on saving for retirement instead of college, if they ca not do both.

In Your 50s: Making a Final Retirement Savings Push

10 Apr 2014 - As they have started to become more health conscious, eating better and exercising more, many 50-somethings are feeling a lot better than they thought they would at this age. This has prompted the mantra among many that "50 is the new 40."

Retirement Choices - It is Up to You

6 Apr 2014 - Recent generations of Americans have been raised to believe that retirement is the ideal end-game for their life. You will work hard for 40 years or so and when you reach that magical age of 65, you will enter your "golden years".

The Retirement Disconnect: Confidence Does not Mirror Practices

2 Apr 2014 - Despite increased confidence in their ability to retire Americans in general are no more likely to have saved any more money for retirement this year than they did last year.

4 Important Retirement Decisions

19 Mar 2014 - Some people are extremely disciplined when it comes to saving diligently and investing wisely for retirement throughout their working lives. But the need for discipline and diligence does not stop when you actually reach retirement age and enter your golden years.

What is Your Retirement Number?

18 Mar 2014 - There are many uncertainties when it comes to retirement planning. One of the biggest uncertainties is determining how much money you will need to meet your living expenses after you retire. In other words, what is your "retirement number?"

Attention Retirees: 5 Tax Planning Strategies for 2014

10 Mar 2014 - If you have recently finished filing your 2013 tax return the last thing you probably want to think about is your 2014 return. But many experts say that now is actually a good time for retirees to get a jump start on their 2014 taxes.

What You Should Know About the New myRA Retirement Accounts

1 Mar 2014 - In the 2014 State of the Union address President Obama announced that a new type of retirement account would soon be made available to U.S. workers - myRA.

Retirement Saving Strategies for Married Couples

18 Feb 2014 - If you are married and plan to stay that way for the long term, it is important that your retirement savings strategies reflect this. Retirement savings strategies for married couples may differ from strategies for single individuals.

Take Our Olympic Retirement Saving Quiz

12 Feb 2014 - Elite athletes train for most of their lives to compete in the Olympics and similarly, it takes many years of planning, dedication and discipline in order to help ensure a financially secure retirement.

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