Retirement Planning Information

Take Our Olympic Retirement Saving Quiz

12 Feb 2014 - Elite athletes train for most of their lives to compete in the Olympics and similarly, it takes many years of planning, dedication and discipline in order to help ensure a financially secure retirement.

Understanding the In is and Out is of Roth IRAs

4 Feb 2014 - Since they were created by Congress in 1997, Roth IRAs have become one of the most popular retirement savings vehicles in America. Their popularity primarily stems from the fact that Roth IRA earnings can be withdrawn tax free in retirement.

How to Get the Most Out of Your 401(k) Plan

3 Jan 2014 - If you are enrolled and actively participating in a 401(k) retirement plan at your place of employment, congratulations. This is one of the best things individuals can do to help prepare for a financially secure retirement.

How Realistic Are Americans Retirement Dreams?

17 Dec 2013 - Recent generations of Americans have grown up with a picture of retirement that is based on their parents and grandparents. How realistic is this idyllic scenario for baby boomers and members of Generation X and Y?

How Do Changing Interest Rates Affect Retirement?

7 Nov 2013 - The ongoing low interest rate environment that the U,S, economy has experienced over the past few years has presented unique challenges for some retirees who are dependent on a stream of interest income from investments to meet their everyday living expenses.

Take Your Retirement for a Test Drive

5 Nov 2013 - Before buying a new car you probably take it out for a test drive to see how it feels and make sure that everything is working properly. Have you ever thought of taking a similar test drive when it comes to your retirement?

5 Baby Boomer Financial Behaviors and Attitudes to Watch

2 Oct 2013 - The financial behavior and attitudes of the baby boom generation is going to have a significant impact on the nation is financial picture in the coming years.

How To Save for Retirement Regardless of Your Income

18 Sep 2013 - It is not uncommon for people to put off saving for retirement because they do not think they earn enough money to open a retirement savings account. This is especially true for young people for whom retirement may be at least three or four decades away.

Women and Retirement - The Gender Gap

12 Sep 2013 - In a recent national survey designed to gauge the financial literacy of U.S. consumers about one-third of Americans said they are worried that they wo not be able to save enough money to retire comfortably.

How to Save for Retirement as a Self-employed Individual

7 Aug 2013 - When it comes to saving for retirement, self-employed individuals sometimes face unique challenges compared to employees who work for a company that offers an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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