Retirement Planning Information

Setting Retirement Goals

23 Nov 2018 -

If you’re nearing retirement age, then you will be thinking about the next chapter in your life. Before you hit the age of 65, you’ll want to be prepared

The Life Insurance Retirement Plan

5 Nov 2018 -

Despite the new tax plan, many Americans are still looking for ways to save on taxes and increase income in retirement

Debts to Pay Off Before Retirement

26 Oct 2018 -

If you’re one of the very few Americans who are completely debt-free, then congratulations, and read no further. However, if you’re like the rest of us, then this applies to you

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

22 Oct 2018 -

It's National Save for Retirement Week is the perfect time to calculate how much money you need to live on -- not just survive, but live the way you would want to in retirement.

Choosing Your Retirement Age

10 Oct 2018 -

The age that you retire at is a personal decision and depends upon many factors. Here are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out your retirement age:


Best and Worst States to Retire

5 Oct 2018 -

Downsizing or moving out of state may offer a better quality of life and some states may offer a lifestyle with more advantages than you have right now. 

Taxes and Retirement

3 Sep 2018 -

Taxes may throw the proverbial wrench in your retirement plans. Most withdrawals from retirement accounts are taxed in retirement.

A Better Retirement Strategy

17 Aug 2018 -

The American Dream for most of the last century consisted of a house, two cars, two and a half children, a good job, and a retirement package awaiting us in the golden years of retirement.


What Social Security Means to Americans

15 Aug 2018 -


October 1 is International Day for Older Persons. Not everyone has been able to save enough money for their retirement, so they'll be relying heavily on the Social Security benefits due to them.

Saving America

10 Aug 2018 -

A shortfall in savings may be setting many American up for a dystopian future. The average personal savings rate in America is just over half of what people should be putting away.

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