Retirement Planning Information

Saving on Healthcare in Retirement

8 Oct 2020 -

A senior couple could need as much as $320,000  for out-of-pocket costs for healthcare during their retirement years.

Tips for a Happy Retirement

15 Sep 2020 -

Retiring can have many effects, and relaxing isn’t the only thing you will be thinking about. Complete retirement leads to several issues you may not have thought of.

Forced Into Early Retirement

3 Sep 2020 -

Coronavirus has affected millions of older Americans. The unemployment rate for Americans over 55 jumped from 2.6 [rcent in January to a staggering 13.6 percent in April 2020

What’s Next for Boomers?

20 Aug 2020 -

Boomers can be forgiven for thinking the world has gone mad, and retirement on a beach far away from all the mayhem might be the most appealing idea right now.

Savings, Retirement, and the New Normal

4 Aug 2020 -

The CARES Act allows you to make penalty-free withdrawals of up to $100,000 from your retirement account if you meet certain qualifications related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Virus Era Retirement

16 Jul 2020 -

We all have to figure out how to move into the future, whatever that may bring. If you have been planning to retire, this could be a very stressful time.

Retirement Hit Hard

7 Jul 2020 -

This year, COVID-19 decimated the economy, and research shows 21 percent of people anticipate the crisis will deliver a severe blow to their retirement blueprint.

Social Security and Coronavirus

29 Jun 2020 -

Boomers and those who receive Social Security could be concerned about receiving their monthly checks given the economic downturn due to the coronavirus.

Dipping into Retirement

25 Jun 2020 -

Even before the current pandemic, many folks were worried that they were unable to afford to retire and might have to keep working later in life

When Should You Retire?

15 Jun 2020 -

If you want to know what age to retire, you should figure out when you want to retire, and try and figure out how much time you have and how much you must save.

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