Retirement Planning Information

Retirement and Long Term Care

2 Aug 2016 - Nearly 70% of Americans 65 and older need long-term care at some point, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Retirement Spending Smile

22 Jun 2016 - Most people assume that once you retire, your spending pattern will be the same year-to-year. Research has shown that this, in fact, is not the case. Two studies came to the same conclusion. We spend more at the beginning of retirement and again towards the end. The graph of a retiree is spending pattern looks like a big smile.

How to Fix Your Retirement Planning

22 Feb 2016 - Retirement planning can be an activity that if done right, could provide a much needed comfort zone post-employment. However, there are some pitfalls and definite ways to do it wrong. Here are some of the major errors that are made in the planning process, and how to correct them.

Rethink Your Retirement Strategies

7 Jan 2016 - One important area of your financial well-being you should be thinking about in January is retirement. The good news is that Americans saved more in 2015 - 5.1% up from 4.6% in 2013. The bad news is that less of this money went to retirement funds.

Baby Boomers Working in Retirement Need Skills

29 Dec 2015 - For many Baby Boomers in the U.S., working during retirement has become a necessary part of the plan. This could mean finding a new job or moving from full-time to part-time in the job they have now. A new study shows that the number of available jobs in the middle-skill level (41% of all jobs) is decreasing, while low-skill and high-skill jobs have increased. This means that Baby Boomers expecting to work in retirement might need to rethink their plan.

Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

21 Dec 2015 - It is never too late to start being retirement-savvy. And while the sometimes unpredictable nature of small business can make your monthly financial planning, well, unpredictable, here are some steps you can take to gain control of your retirement plan.

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts for Women

10 Dec 2015 - On average, women live longer than men, so they will probably have a much longer retirement period that they will have to fund. It also means that if you are married, you will likely inherit your spouse is estate and have the last word about the final disposition of all of the assets you have accumulated during your marriage.

How Grandparents Can Help with College Costs

9 Dec 2015 - It is no surprise that as college costs continue to climb, many grandparents are stepping in to help. Many of these grandparents are Baby Boomers, who value a college education and are willing to assist their grandkids with gifts predicted to be trillions of dollars over the coming decades.

Social Security Retirement Benefit Basics

8 Dec 2015 - The first wave of Baby Boomers is already past retirement age, and they are enjoying the benefits of Social Security. For most Americans, Social Security is a major source of retirement income. Here are some basics you will need to know.

Keep Your Eyes on That Retirement Goal

7 Dec 2015 - Many Americans are not financially prepared for retirement, with almost a third of working adults without savings or a pension, according to a recent Federal Reserve study. To avoid having to drastically downsize and reduce your living standard once you reach retirement age, it is vital to set a goal and keep your eye on that prize.

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