Retirement Planning Information

Are You Ready to Retire?

4 May 2015 - The question is actually more complicated than it first appears because it demands consideration on two levels - emotional and financial.

In Retirement Timing is Everything

18 Apr 2015 - When it comes to transitioning into retirement timing really is everything The age at which you retire can have an enormous impact on your overall retirement income situation so you will want to make sure you have considered your decision from every angle

Your Lifestyle After Retirement

29 Mar 2015 - Have you given any thought to how this lifestyle might change after retirement? It might be advisable to sit down with a professional financial planner who can guide you through your best options.

Saving for retirement: How late is too late?

25 Feb 2015 - Ideally you should begin saving for retirement in your 20s. The more time you have to save the better your chances of having the kind of retirement lifestyle you desire.

Planning to Work During Retirement

24 Jul 2014 - As employees near retirement age, more and more plan to work at least some of the time during the course of their retirement years.

A 401(k) Primer - Answering 6 Common Questions

19 Jun 2014 - 401(k)s have become one of the most popular retirement savings vehicles in America but many people are not clear about how their plan really works. Here are 6 of the most common questions many people have about their plans.

Four Retirement Planning Tips for Millennials

14 Jun 2014 - David Lerner News: Many Millennials are graduating college with crushing student loan debt and poor prospects for finding a well-paying job. The picture is even worse when it comes to some Millennials future retirement prospects

How to Meet Your Retirement Healthcare Expenses

21 May 2014 - There are lots of unknowns that have to be accounted for when it comes to planning for retirement, but perhaps the biggest are your healthcare expenses.

Should You Save For Retirement or Your Kids College Education?

7 May 2014 - If faced with the choice of saving for retirement or saving for your kids college, which should you choose? While both are noble goals and usually smart financial moves, many experts say that most people should focus on saving for retirement instead of college, if they ca not do both.

In Your 50s: Making a Final Retirement Savings Push

10 Apr 2014 - As they have started to become more health conscious, eating better and exercising more, many 50-somethings are feeling a lot better than they thought they would at this age. This has prompted the mantra among many that "50 is the new 40."

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