Women's Financial Literacy

Women in Small Business

6 Jun 2018 -

Women-owned companies are growing much faster than every other segment of new business in our economy. 

Money Shouldn’t Ruin Your Marriage

5 Jun 2018 -

Many Americans find themselves in a position where they are getting divorced because of arguments about money.

Financial Literacy for Kids

14 May 2018 -

What are we teaching our kids with regard to financial habits? Or rather, what examples are we setting for them by way of our own financial behaviors?

Financial Literacy and Millennials

22 Mar 2017 -

While Millennials are a generation that is exceptional in many ways - better educated than their predecessors, more ethnically diverse, and more economically active - according to studies they struggle with personal finance.

All about Mutual Funds

13 Mar 2017 -

If you do not know about mutual funds, you might be inclined to run for the hills when you hear the term. But understanding mutual funds is essential if you have any interest in investing your money.

Understanding Your Finances

7 Mar 2017 -

Understanding your finances comes down to understanding just a few key elements, definitions, and numbers that make up the sum total of your financial life.

Smart Financial Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

10 May 2016 - Although there have been some real advances for women in the workplace over the past decade, there are still challenges. One way to circumvent these challenges is to start your own business.

US Not in Top 10 for Basic Financial Literacy Test

5 Apr 2016 - When it comes to managing our personal finances, it appears that Americans could use a little help. In a recent global quiz, Americans did not even make the top 10!

The Key to Understanding Your Finances

24 Feb 2016 - Fortunately, understanding your finances is not as daunting as it might sound. It comes down to understanding some key elements, definitions, and numbers that make up the sum total of your financial life. Here are the things you will need to know in order to get a good picture of your fiscal health and help you understand your finances.

Women Entrepreneurs Leading the Way

30 Sep 2015 - Gone are the days when the typical American woman was a stay-at-home mom. Today they are making waves - and money - in the business world

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