Women's Financial Literacy

The Brewing Storm in Long-Term Care Insurance

3 Dec 2012 - Do not look now, but there may be a storm brewing when it comes to long-term care insurance. Facing substantial budget shortfalls, some states are cutting back on Medicaid and long-term care services.

Handling Debts after a Spouse is Death: Who is Responsible?

30 Nov 2012 - The death of a spouse is heartbreaking. Yet the surviving spouse faces more than just overwhelming emotions-- he or she may also face the challenge of handling a loved one is outstanding debts.

A Plan for Eliminating Credit Card Debt

13 Nov 2012 - When it comes to debt it can be debated whether there is such a thing as good debt and/or bad debt.

Does It Cost More Money to Be a Woman?

8 Nov 2012 - According to a study conducted earlier this year by the FINRA Education Institute women face a number of financial challenges that appear to be unique to their gender. On average, women pay a half-point higher interest rate on credit cards than men do.

Potential Income Replacement With Term Life Insurance

29 Oct 2012 - The death of a loved one is obviously a tragic event for any family. It is sometimes made even more tragic when this loved one was the family is primary income-earner.

How is the Market Doing? Check the Dow.

27 Oct 2012 - When the conversation turns to how the market is doing, chances are people are referring to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or "the Dow" for short. The Dow tracks the performance of stock issued by 30 prominent, publicly traded U.S.-based companies and is one of the most widely reported stock market indexes in the country.

Save More Money By Wasting Less

24 Oct 2012 - As the jobless rate remains historically high and the economic recovery uncertain, many Americans are watching their personal finances more closely than ever and looking for every opportunity they can find to save money and reduce their expenses.

Are Low Yields the New Normal?

27 Sep 2012 - The phrase "the new normal" has been thrown around a lot lately to describe many different things. It was originally coined by author Roger McNamee in his 2004 book of this title, which describes how the 21st century represents a new era of heightened uncertainty, but also opportunity.

Budgeting Basics: Establishing a Household Budget

13 Sep 2012 - This is the second in a series of articles discussing financial literacy and what this means for Americans in the 21st century

Financial Literacy: What Does It Mean Today?

11 Sep 2012 - We are beginning a new series of articles discussing financial literacy and what this means for Americans in the 21st century.

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