Women's Financial Literacy

A Sure Thing? Not So Fast.

4 Sep 2012 - At some point in our lives most of us have heard a pitch for some kind of investment or money-making opportunity that was billed "a sure thing." If you are ever approached with such an opportunity, the best advice is usually to run, not walk, as fast as you can in the opposite direction! Simply put, this isnt how investing in the real world worksa fact that, unfortunately, some people have learned the hard way.

Enjoy Your Labor Day!

30 Aug 2012 - Next Monday, Americans will celebrate Labor Day for the 130th time since the holiday was first recognized in 1882. The holiday marks the unofficial end of summer, and it is celebrated by many people with parades, picnics, cookouts and trips to the beach or the lake.

Make Some Mid-Year Financial Resolutions

15 Aug 2012 - Lots of us make New Years Resolutions, but they are a distant memory for many people by this point in the year. If this sounds familiar to you, now might be a good time to make some fresh financial resolutions

Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 30s

4 Aug 2012 - This is the third in a series of articles detailing retirement planning strategies for individuals at each stage of their life.

Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 20s

2 Aug 2012 - This is the second in a series of articles detailing retirement planning strategies for individuals at each stage of their life.

Helping Your Children and Grandchildren Financially

10 Jul 2012 - One less-publicized effect of the Great Recession has been the increasing numbers of parents and grandparents who are helping their kids and grandchildren financially.

Planning a Summer Vacation with Your Kids and Grandkids

1 Jul 2012 - Summer vacations provide a special opportunity for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren. Here are five summer vacation planning tips to help you create family memories that will last a lifetime

Giving Your Kids or Grandkids a Good Financial Start

19 Jun 2012 - Many Americans consider a college education to be one of the most important factors to getting a good job and helping ensure financial security. But the dream of a college education is becoming harder to reach for more Americans as college tuition costs continue to soar.

Retirement and the American Dream

7 Jun 2012 - In essence, the American Dream is that anyone who has a goal and works hard can make it. David Lerner Associates believes that one part of that dream is that after you have worked hard for 25 or 30 years you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and retire in comfort.

Why Zero Coupon Bonds Can Add Up To Much More Than Zero

28 May 2012 - Zero coupon bonds (sometimes called zeroes for short) have been around for 30 years. Due to their unique structure and characteristics, zeroes remain an attractive investment option for many individuals.

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