Women's Financial Literacy

Facebook and Other IPOs: Do not Buy the Hype

25 May 2012 - The initial public offering (IPO) of Facebook dominated the investment news. Unfortunately for many investors, the much-anticipated (and much hyped) IPO fell somewhat flat.

What Should You Do With Your Old 401(k)?

20 May 2012 - After leaving a job employees sometimes discover that they left something behind -,perhaps a coat or maybe a desk knick-knack. Sometimes, however, employees leave something much more important behind at their previous jobs: their 401(k) accounts.

What Should You Do With Your Income Tax Refund?

18 May 2012 - Some people have big plans for their refund, whether it is spending it on a summer vacation, a new car or boat, or a a big-screen TV. To the degree that items like this are bought with a tax refund instead of on credit, they may be wise purchases.

College Saving and Investing Strategies

10 May 2012 - Despite the cost, obtaining a college degree may still be a worthwhile goal. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, college graduates earn more money than individuals who just have a high-school diploma.

A Unique Opportunity for Fixed-Income Investors

3 May 2012 - For the first time in our nation is history it is now possible to buy a municipal bond with a higher credit rating and a higher yield than a Treasury bond.

Have You Planned Ahead for Your Retirement Lifestyle?

9 Apr 2012 - Living the lifestyle you dream of in retirement requires not only years of disciplined saving and wise financial planning and investing, but also the realization that choices and tradeoffs are inevitable

Liquidity and Volatility - Two Different Sides to the Investment Coin

5 Apr 2012 - Most investments can be separated into two broad categories with regard to how easy it is for an investor to gain access to his or her money: liquid and illiquid.

Money Purchase Plans: Another Way to Share Company Profits

28 Feb 2012 - Profit sharing is a great way for businesses to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Many top-tier employees today expect to be rewarded by sharing some of the business profits. this lets employees benefit financially in the company is success, as well as increases their sense of ownership in the business.

Profit Sharing Plans: One Way to Share the Business Pie

18 Feb 2012 - One of the best ways for businesses to attract and retain the highest caliber employees is to offer them a piece of the business "pie." And one way to accomplish this is to create a profit-sharing plan.

SEP-IRAs - A Retirement Plan Option for Small Businesses

8 Feb 2012 - A SEP-IRA is a low-cost, easy-to-administer retirement plan that is often ideal for owners of small businesses and self-employed individuals. Sole proprietorships, S and C corporations, partnerships and LLCs all may qualify to establish a SEP-IRA.

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