Women's Financial Literacy

Roth IRAs - Making A Good Thing Better

28 Jan 2012 - In 1997, Congress made a good thing better when it created a new type of retirement savings account, the Roth IRA. Named after Senator William Roth, who introduced the legislation that created them.

Why Traditional IRAs Are So Popular

27 Jan 2012 - Millions of Americans have taken control of their retirement future by investing in Individual Retirement Accounts since IRAs were first introduced in 1975. IRAs have become one of the most popular retirement savings vehicle in America.

What You Should Know About Retirement Plans

26 Jan 2012 - Retirement planning for Americans has changed drastically over the past few decades.Tthe bulk of responsibility for retirement saving has shifted to employees themselves

Providing True Help to Disabled Loved Ones

20 Jan 2012 - According to a recent report from the AARP people who provide assistance to a loved one with a long-term illness or disability do not see themselves as "caregivers", but instead through their relationship with the disabled.

What Will You Do When You Retire?

12 Dec 2011 - If you have not yet retired, you have probably thought about it from time to time: what will you do when you retire? Like the future itself, the options are many and varied.

Planning for Fun

10 Dec 2011 - Sometimes when planning for your financial future, you can lose sight of a truth that is always with us: we are living our lives in the present

Evaluating Midlife Financial Health

22 Nov 2011 - Middle age has arrived. It seems like only yesterday you were right out of college, struggling to pay off student loan, and starting life and a career. Now you are carrying a mortgage, worrying about college tuition and consistently evaluating your investments.

Aim To Make Yourself Recession Proof

15 Nov 2011 - In tough economic times, you may be tempted to overreact and make rash decisions. It is better to remain calm, examine the facts so you gain some understanding of what is occurring, and take some smart measures to weather the storm.

Guarding Against Disability and Long-Term Illness

7 Nov 2011 - When most investors come into middle-age, they look toward retirement. If prudent investments are made, retirement may be made smoothly, with assets built that can help support them and possibly leave an inheritance for their children and other heirs as well.

Protecting Your Parent is Assets Along with Your Own

18 Oct 2011 - The goal of many parents is to protect their estates, have some form of livable income, and at the same time leave their children provided for. Adult children can assist their parents in meeting these goals.

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