Women's Financial Literacy

Some Basic Financial Products and Definitions

14 Oct 2011 - When a potential investor goes to visit a broker or other type of investment adviser, a great many terms can be thrown around. Here are some basic financial products an investor may encounter, along with clear definitions of what they are

Five Basic Facts your Investment Counselor Should Know About You

26 Sep 2011 - In order to properly advise you and to help you chose the investments that may be most suitable, there are five basic facts your Investment Counselor should know about you before any recommendations are made.

What Being Debt Free Might Mean for Your Future

21 Sep 2011 - We live in a credit-based society, one where accumulating assets is often coupled with accumulating accompanying debt. It is probably been so long for many that what being debt free might be like is a tough concept. .

Are All Financial Blogs Trustworthy

8 Sep 2011 - A blog is a method of reaching millions of people simply by typing up an entry and striking the "enter" key. Some blogs have become quite influential. But not all blogs are fact checked and trustworthy. There is a vast margin of difference between commentary or opinion, and facts. And unfortunately, much of the time blogs weigh more on the former.

Five Ways to Weather the Financial Storm

25 Aug 2011 - Times have been tough for the U.S. economy over the last few years, and the debt ceiling issue has not made things any easier. However, there are ways to help make sure that you do not end up on the rocks in the financial storm

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