Tax Free Municipal Bonds

What Could a Tax-Free Bond do for You?

  • Tax-free advantage can be very meaningful. A hypothetical municipal bond yielding 4% (in 30% tax bracket*) = 5.71% taxable
  • Historically, more than 98% of municipal bonds have paid as promised** 
  • Liquid any business day at the market

Since 1913, municipal bonds have offered a tax-free source for your investment dollars. Not only do they provide attractive benefits for the individual investor, but tax-free bonds raise the funds necessary to build essential public projects such as schools, bridges, courts, and highways.

Why buy municipal bonds from David Lerner Associates?
Every one of David Lerner Associates investment counselors is trained in municipal bonds. We stand ready to help you choose the municipal bonds that are best suited for your investment portfolio.



*Applies to New York City residents (includes federal, state and local taxes)

**Sources: Standard & Poor’s, Bond Market Association, and the Bond Buyer 2004 Yearbook (Thomson Financial). Investors should consult with their investment counselor as to the rating, credit risk or risk of default with a particular issuer.