About David Lerner, Founder

In 1975, David Lerner was teaching history and economics at Bayside High School in Queens. A year later he went on to launch David Lerner Associates, a privately-held investment company that from the beginning was dedicated to building and preserving assets for clients. His voice and persona, “Poppy,” have been heard on radio stations throughout the New York metropolitan area for decades.

Mr. Lerner’s metamorphosis from teacher to entrepreneur was natural. When he realized that most people had little understanding of the investment opportunities available to them, he decided to utilize his teaching skills and create a firm dedicated to educating clients about the different investments available to them.

To that end, he developed sales presentations similar to the lesson plans he knew by heart. His unique sales training techniques drew on the school curriculum he worked with for so many years.

Mr. Lerner’s special skill lies in the innate enthusiasm and energy he brings to everything he does. This enthusiasm is contagious and permeates the lives of all who know him and work with him. His communication skills go far beyond the usual “written and verbal.”  He has the rare ability to completely engage those around him. To this day, he uses these skills to assist in marketing, recruitment, enhancing productivity, and client services at the company he founded.


Your Investment Counselor

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