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    Seminar Location:Boynton Beach, FL

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    Seminar Location:Mahopac, NY

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A family of mutual funds designed specifically to complement the portfolios of David Lerner Associates' clients.  

Started in 1998 with the Real Estate Income and Growth Fund, the family has since grown to six funds.




At David Lerner Associates, we believe the best way to help you achieve your financial goals is to meet with you face-to-face, either in your home or one of our six offices. We believe you should thoroughly understand and feel comfortable with your investment choices. We believe in building your portfolio through personalized service, not computer algorithms and robo-investment services.

The appointment is free, the advice could be priceless.

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David Lerner Associates maintains the highest standards when it comes to the people we employ. Each Investment Counselor is licensed to work in the capacity of a Series 7 and Series 63 and is subject to an extensive background check.

Our Investment Counselors receive comprehensive training in products, suitability and Best Practice standards.


Prior to founding David Lerner Associates, David Lerner taught history and economics at Bayside High School in Queens.

"I loved teaching the next generation. I wanted them to learn to question and to be inquisitive. When people are aware, they are equipped to make wise decisions"

- David Lerner

It was natural that since opening for business in 1976, David Lerner Associates has been committed to educating the public about investing opportunities available to them. To that end, the company regularly holds free investment seminars that attract thousands of people every year and are held throughout the tri-state New York area and in Florida.



There is an energy revolution happening in the United States right now. Register for a seminar, or meet with one of our investment counselors to learn about the investment opportunities this creates and if they are right for you.
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A shortfall in savings may be setting many American up for a dystopian future. The average personal savings rate in America is just over half of what people should be putting away.

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