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6 Oct 2022 -

A new study has found that the group referred to as “super-savers” is right on track with their retirement savings plans.

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College Savings for Your Child

28 Nov 2022 -

Saving money for your child’s college is a way to try and guarantee them a better lifestyle as they age.

When to Switch Medicare Plans

25 Nov 2022 -

If you have a Medicare plan then you have a few months to make a change.

College savings in America

18 Nov 2022 -

Saving for college is something that affects people all over the country and across age groups.

Retirement Planning Information

Are Retirement Accounts Protected from Creditors?

23 Nov 2022 - One reason to focus on clearing debts before you retire is the worry that creditors may see retirement accounts as the money, they could garnish them.

Are retirement accounts marital property?

21 Nov 2022 -

Ending a marriage can be a very painful experience. Years spent married to another means you also gather financial responsibilities together.

The Most Important Moves in Retirement Occur in Your 50s

9 Nov 2022 -

For most Americans, retirement is something that will happen “one day.” But that “one day” becomes a lot more real the decade before you retire.

Women's Financial Literacy

Women in Business

19 Oct 2022 -

The third week of October is National Businesswomen’s Week.


Women’s Wealth Management is Growing in America

16 Sep 2022 -

There may still be a gap in wages and equity in the workplace but the face of wealth management in America is changing.

Women Investors are Ahead of the Game

22 Jun 2022 -

Wealth and income disparity between men and women in America is still a real concern with the gender pay gap and other factors affecting women and their finances. 

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