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10 Dec 2021 -

Personal finance tips abound on the internet, and it can be difficult to sift through the noise sometimes.

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Retirement: Where to Live

14 Jan 2022 - When you reach retirement age you are faced with a choice. Where you live will dictate much when it comes to your lifestyle for the rest of your days

Your Route to Financial Wellness in 2022

12 Jan 2022 -

It is no accident that January has been named Financial Wellness month – it’s the month when most Americans take stock of their lives and set goals for the coming year

Inflation and the Future

10 Jan 2022 -

With stimulus checks a thing of the past, but Americans having amassed big savings during the pandemic, pocketbooks are a little on the fatter side for once.

Retirement Planning Information

Retiring in 2022

5 Jan 2022 -

There have been some positive outcomes from the pandemic - one of them is the change to doing business online instead of in-person

Remote Work and Retirement

17 Dec 2021 -

The Covid-19 global pandemic has had long-lasting and life-changing effects on the entire world, and here in the United States it has had many repercussions for folks looking towards their future with a sense of uncertainty.

Rethinking the Four Percent Rule for Retirement Withdrawals

3 Dec 2021 -

For many years retirees have been advised to take a four percent withdrawal from their retirement savings.

Women's Financial Literacy

Honoring Working Women

20 Oct 2021 -

while there are many areas of business where women are taking the lead, recent reports show that the last year-and-a-half has taken a bigger toll on women than men

Women Need Life Insurance

7 Sep 2021 -

Whether single, married, employed, or a stay-at-home mom, women need life insurance. 

Financial Literacy for Women

3 Apr 2019 -

Women of all ages and backgrounds struggle with the pressure to earn enough, access education, care for a family, and plan for retirement. Financial literacy guides financial decisions

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