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American Business Womens day

American Business Women’s Day: September 22

American Business Women’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of women in the business world.

“As we approach American Business Women’s Day 2023, it’s the perfect opportunity to delve into its history, understand who gets involved in this celebration, and explore exciting ideas for participating in this empowering event,” says Rafe Klein, Senior Vice President, Investments at David Lerner Associates, Inc. “Let’s come together to celebrate the resilience and success of American businesswomen and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

When is American Business Women’s Day 2023?

Mark your calendars for Friday, Sept 22, 2023, as American Business Women’s Day will be celebrated on this date.

Although it’s not an official public holiday, it’s widely observed and serves as a tribute to the exceptional achievements of women in various industries, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the business landscape.

History of American Business Women’s Day

Many moons ago in Kansas City, a visionary businessman named Hilary Bufton Jr. gathered with a group of visionary women, including Shirley Cupp, Irma Beisel, and Frances Stuckey in a cozy coffee shop. It was an era when society frowned upon the idea of women pursuing full-time careers. Despite the prevailing norms, they founded the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) with a shared belief in equal business opportunities for all women.

Incorporated on September 22, 1949, shortly after the conclusion of WWII, the association’s inception was timely. Many women had lost their jobs during the war, only to be reminded that society expected them to prioritize home and family responsibilities. However, Bufton Jr. saw beyond these limiting beliefs. He recognized that women, out of necessity, had gained remarkable business acumen during World War II. He felt that an organization was needed to provide support and opportunities for all businesswomen.

The association’s mission was clear: to bring together women from diverse occupations and empower them to grow both personally and professionally. Breaking boundaries for American women and advocating for equal pay and rights across all work sectors became their passion and purpose.

The significance of American Business Women’s Day was formally recognized in 1983 and 1986, earning a Congressional resolution and a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan.

Decades have passed since that fateful coffee shop meeting, yet the American Business Women’s Association continues to thrive, carrying on the legacy of its founders.

Through the years, it has been a driving force in promoting gender equality in the business arena and fostering an environment where women can excel and lead with confidence. As we celebrate American Business Women’s Day, we acknowledge the indelible impact of these trailblazing women and recommit ourselves to advancing the cause of women in business for generations to come.

Who Gets Involved in American Business Women’s Day?

With over 9 million women-owned companies in America today, American Business Women’s Day is an inclusive celebration that welcomes participation from all individuals, organizations, and communities passionate about supporting and empowering women in business.

Businesswomen, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, small business owners, professionals, and business organizations come together to celebrate the accomplishments of women in business and inspire further progress.

American Business Women’s Day Participation Ideas

  • Networking Events: Host or participate in networking events that bring together businesswomen from various industries. Encourage exchanging ideas, experiences, and opportunities to foster collaboration and mentorship.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Organize workshops and seminars focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of aspiring and established businesswomen. Offer training in leadership, entrepreneurship, financial planning, and other crucial areas to support their career growth.
  • Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs that pair experienced businesswomen with emerging professionals. Mentorship provides guidance, support, and valuable insights to empower the next generation of female leaders.
  • Spotlight on Women-Owned Businesses: Shine a spotlight on women-owned businesses within your community. Collaborate with local media outlets to feature success stories, share challenges female entrepreneurs face, and highlight the importance of supporting women in business.
  • Charity and Giving Back: Use American Business Women’s Day as an opportunity to give back to the community. Partner with women-focused charities or volunteer organizations to support causes that uplift women and empower them to achieve their goals.
  • Join the Conversation Online: Use #AmericanBusinessWomensDay on social media to shout out businesswomen and spread the word about this holiday.


American Business Women’s Day is a day of celebration, appreciation, and inspiration. By recognizing the remarkable achievements of women in the business world, we acknowledge the indispensable role they play in driving innovation and economic growth.

Engaging in networking events, professional development workshops, mentorship programs, spotlighting women-owned businesses, and charitable initiatives can make this day even more impactful.

Let’s unite on American Business Women’s Day 2023 to celebrate the strides of American businesswomen and continue working towards a future where gender equality thrives in all aspects of the business landscape.

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