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National Set A Good Example Day

National Set A Good Example Day

In a world bustling with diverse influences, a day dedicated to the art of setting a good example carries profound significance. National Set A Good Example Day, a celebration that transcends generations, prompts us to reflect on the impact of our actions.

Let’s delve into its history, purpose, and ways individuals from all walks of life can participate.

When is National Set a Good Example Day 2024?

National Set A Good Example Day, aka Set a Good Example Day, is observed annually on February 26 to serve as a reminder to embrace the power of positive influence.

History of National Set A Good Example Day

While the notion that anyone can make a positive influence on those around them is an age-old concept, dating back to at least 2,500 BCE in Egypt, National Set A Good Example Day was only founded recently on February 26, 2022 by The Way to Happiness Foundation International.

The holiday found its roots in a collective recognition of the significance of role models in shaping societies.

The Way to Happiness Foundation operates as a non-religious charitable organization overseen by the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE). ABLE is committed to addressing significant societal challenges, including crime, immorality, drugs, and illiteracy. The Church of Scientology and its followers actively support ABLE and its various initiatives for social betterment.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar officially designated February 26 as the annual observance of National Set a Good Example Day. While relatively young, the day has swiftly become a testament to the enduring impact of setting positive examples.

Who Participates in National Set A Good Example Day?

This holiday is not limited to age, profession, or background—it is a call to action for everyone.

“From parents nurturing the next generation to leaders shaping corporate cultures, each individual plays a part,” says Darren Nomberg, Senior Vice President, Investments at David Lerner Associates, Inc. “Companies, educational institutions, and community organizations actively participate, highlighting the importance of positive influence.”

National Set A Good Example Day Participation Ideas

  1. Mentorship Programs – Establish mentorship initiatives within communities, workplaces, or educational institutions. Encourage experienced professionals to volunteer as mentors, fostering one-on-one relationships with mentees to share insights and industry knowledge.
  2. Community Cleanup – Organize or join community-driven cleanup events for parks, beaches, streets, or public spaces. Active participation inspires environmental responsibility and fosters community pride.
  3. Educational Workshops – Host workshops on topics like financial literacy, career development, or practical skills. Invite experts to share insights, empowering individuals with valuable information and skills.
  4. Acts of Kindness Challenge – Create a challenge where participants pledge daily acts of kindness, promoting empathy and community bonding.
  5. Professional Integrity Seminars – Conduct seminars focusing on business ethics, compliance, and corporate responsibility. Addressing ethical conduct within the business community fosters a culture of integrity.
  6. Social Media Join the conversation on X and other social media platforms by using the hashtag #SetAGoodExampleDay.


National Set A Good Example Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a call to introspection and action. Gandhi’s words resonate, urging us to become the change we wish to see in the world.

By setting positive examples, we contribute to the collective elevation of our communities. As we mark this day, let’s become catalysts for change, embodying the values we wish to see in the world. After all, setting a good example isn’t just a one-day affair—it’s a lifelong commitment to making a positive impact.

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