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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Building a healthy investment portfolio requires some smart strategies and an investment mindset. It also requires financial literacy. Unfortunately, according to a recent FINRA study, it was found that financial capability, stability, and confidence aren’t improving. Over 50 percent of adults say thinking about their financial situation makes them anxious. Forty-four percent say discussing their finances is stressful. 

But whether you are a new investor or a seasoned veteran, here are some tips and strategies to possibly increase your chances of successful investing:

There is a risk factor in any investment. According to FINRA, even conservative, insured investments such as certificates of deposit (CDs) issued by a bank or credit union, come with inflation risk. They may not earn enough over time to keep pace with the increasing cost of living.

The markets can become volatile from time to time, as we’ve all seen in recent years. To sidestep the potential falls of any financial venture, it would be a good idea to spread your money across several investment categories, from stocks to bonds to real estate. Even further, you could diversify within categories. Diversification spreads risk and guards against a catastrophic decline in any one investment. “Hedging one’s bet” is a good way to describe this strategy.

There are also those who believe that a smart thing you could invest in - to further sidestep the volatility of markets - is gold. It’s the one thing that will remain of some value no matter what the global markets are doing.

Some advisors recommend that you should sit with your investment advisor once a year, and review the past performance, and reevaluate your goals and strategies for the coming 12 months. Others argue that it’s better to do this every quarter.  No matter the frequency, review your portfolio and make sure your mix of investments hasn't moved away from your goals. This is also a great opportunity to decide what to sell and what to invest further money in to regain balance and continue growth.

Investors are known to experience fear, and according to studies, that fear is less about the loss of investment dollars and more about the fear of missing out on opportunities. Fear can cause investors to make mistakes. Euphoria can cause just as many missteps. But by investing the same amount in the same investments on a regular basis, dollar-cost averaging takes the emotion out of the equation.

Don’t gamble with your future, especially when it comes to investing. The stock market should make for interesting dinner conversation and not life or death when it comes to your money. A sensible middle ground of investing is the way to do that. Find a financial advisor who doesn’t chase investment rainbows but rather pursues fundamental investment principles, regardless of market conditions.




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