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Supporting Heros: Running Club and David Lerner Associates Donate to Police Family

Financial Assistance Extended to Police Officer’s Family by Running Club and David Lerner Associates

Police Officer Kevin Goumas’ newborn baby boy underwent heart surgery shortly after birth and has been experiencing complications during recovery. Recently, the baby went into cardiac arrest and is now grappling with clotting issues. He is currently stable, but the family anxiously awaits test results to determine the effectiveness of the medication in addressing the clots.

In addition to the emotional toll this has taken on the family, they are struggling financially to cope with the situation. Balancing the needs of their other child with the expenses and lodging required for frequent hospital visits has put a significant strain on them. Kevin’s wife has been unable to return to work, adding additional financial hardship.

“The Police Crisis Fund was established to assist families facing challenges similar to the Gourmas’. We trust this donation will alleviate some of their financial strain,” stated Martin Walcoe, President & CEO of David Lerner Associates, the driving force behind the annual Police Appreciation Run held each year to raise money for the Police Crisis Fund.

In the photo above, (L to R) are Nassau County Police Academy Deputy Commanding Officer Lt. Terrence Heller, Nassau County PBA Treasurer Edward Eilenberger, Nassau County PBA SGT. At Arms Frank Arcuri, Nassau County PBA Financial Secretary James Shanahan, Nassau County PBA Vice President David Re, Hannah Goumas, baby Brady Goumas, Kevin Goumas, child Braxton Goumas, Greater Long Island Running Club President Alan Baisch, David Lerner Associates President & CEO Martin Walcoe, and David Lerner Associates Long Island Police Appreciation Run Director Mike Polansky.

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