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Single Working Women’s Week: July 30th – Aug 5th

Single working women have made remarkable contributions to society, showcasing resilience, strength, and ambition in their pursuit of personal and professional success.

Single Working Women’s Week is a dedicated time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these remarkable women. 

In this article, we explore the significance of Single Working Women’s Week, its history, who gets involved, and provide exciting ideas to actively participate in this empowering event. 

Let’s come together to honor and support the accomplishments of single working women and inspire them to achieve financial independence.

When is Single Working Women’s Week 2023?

Single Working Women’s Day (SWWD) is observed on August 4 every year, while Single Working Women’s Week is celebrated annually during the full week containing August 4. In 2023, Single Working Women’s Week will be celebrated from July 30 to August 5.

History of Single Working Women’s Week

Single Working Women’s Week was first established in 2006 by Barbara Payne, a single working woman herself, to recognize the economic, social, and cultural impact of single women in the workforce.

It serves as a reminder of their resilience and determination to thrive independently. 

The week celebrates the achievements of single working women, their contributions to society, and their ability to navigate personal finance successfully.

Who Gets Involved in Single Working Women’s Week? 

Single Working Women’s Week invites the participation of a diverse range of individuals and organizations. 

This includes single working women themselves, professional associations, community groups, employers, educational institutions, and financial advisors. 

It is an inclusive event that brings together a community of support, empowerment, and recognition for single working women.

Single Working Women’s Week Participation Ideas:

As we celebrate Single Working Women’s Week, it’s essential to highlight the unique opportunities and challenges they face when it comes to building wealth and securing a comfortable retirement.

Single working women can pave the way for a financially secure future by adopting a proactive mindset and implementing the following smart financial practices.

  1. Embrace Financial Independence: 

Single working women have the advantage of complete control over their financial decisions. 

Embracing financial independence involves developing a comprehensive understanding of personal finances, which includes budgeting, saving, and investing. 

By taking charge of their financial journey, single working women can set clear goals, make informed choices, and establish a strong foundation for building wealth over time.

  1. Prioritize Savings and Emergency Funds:

Creating a robust savings plan is crucial for single working women. 

Start by setting aside a share of your monthly income for short-term and long-term goals. 

Establishing an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses provides a safety net and prevents financial setbacks. 

Aim to save 3-6 months’ worth, of daily living expenses to ensure stability during challenging times.

  1. Invest for the Future:

Investing is a key strategy for wealth accumulation. 

Single working women should consider developing an investment portfolio aligned with their risk tolerance and long-term goals. 

Diversify investments across various asset classes, to spread risk and potentially increase returns. 

Regularly review and adjust your investments to maintain a balanced and tailored approach that suits your evolving financial needs.

  1. Plan for Retirement:

Securing a comfortable retirement is a critical goal for single working women. 

Start by maximizing contributions to retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), or self-employed retirement plans. 

Take advantage of employer-matching contributions and explore additional investment vehicles like annuities to supplement your retirement savings. 

Consider consulting with a retirement expert to develop a personalized retirement plan that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

  1. Protect Your Financial Future:

Safeguarding financial well-being is crucial for single working women. 

Adequate insurance coverage, including health, life, and disability insurance, helps mitigate potential risks. 

Review and update your insurance policies regularly to ensure they align with your current circumstances and offer the necessary protection.


Single working women have the opportunity to achieve financial independence, build wealth, and enjoy a comfortable retirement. 

By prioritizing savings, embracing investment opportunities, and developing a comprehensive retirement plan, single working women can pave the way for a secure financial future. 

Celebrate Single Working Women’s Week by empowering yourself with knowledge, seeking professional guidance when needed, and taking proactive steps toward achieving your financial goals. 

Remember, every effort counts in the journey toward financial prosperity and a fulfilling retirement.

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